Highlevel’s Level Up Day 2021 – Recap

Chase Buckner | Director of Product Marketing at HighLevel

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Each Fall HighLevel hosts its annual Level Up Day, where we review industry statistics, release a ton of new features, and review the roadmap moving forward. Level Up Day 2021 definitely did not disappoint. Let’s recap!

HighLevel Has Generated Over $100 Million in Wealth For Agencies & Consultants

But we’ll come back to this in a bit…

Incredible Growth

In 2018 we started to serve marketing agencies and never looked back.

Through word of mouth in 2019, we grew to serving 1000+ Marketing Agencies, but we knew we could do more.

At that time, we sought out to becoming the Funnel Engine…

We launched our own Funnel Builder in October of 2019, but we wanted to continue helping agencies even more…

We launched more features and tools that help agencies support their customers at a higher level.

Our mission was to be the Marketing Agency Operating System.

We wanted to find a way that Agencies could become a part of a new revolution.

In 2020, we launched HighLevel’s SaaS Mode for PRO Agencies.

Heading into 2021, we put our heads down and went to work…

We grew out team to over 145 team members covering 14 countries.

We support over 15,000 marketing agencies around the world.

Through those agencies we have supported over 375,000+ small businesses, which breaks down to:

  • 1.5 billion Leads in the System
  • 192 million Conversations in the System
  • 11 million Appointments scheduled in the system
  • 97 million Opportunities in the system

In the past 12 months we created over 1,500 SaaSPRENEURs.

If you don’t know what it means to be a SaaSPRENEUR, we officially launched our SaaS Fast Track Program which is a step by step program in how to turn your agency into a SaaS Provider, and if you’re on PRO today, you’ll get access to the program for FREE!

In your Agency Dashboard, just click the SaaS FastTrack menu item in the left-hand navigation.

As a SaaS FastTrack Student, you get:

  • Weekly Coaching Calls, Webinars, 1st discount access to Future Events
  • A proven SaaS Funnel from the HighLevel Team
  • 4 Sets of SaaS Agency Prospecting Scripts
  • SaaS Cold Email Outbound Prospecting Copies
  • SaaS Niche List
  • SaaS Sales Brochure for print media and hand out sample
  • SaaS Demo Pitch Deck Unbranded
  • SaaS Client Onboarding Training (Recorded DFY Sub-account setup)
  • SaaS Snapshot
  • SaaS FastTrack Weekly Coaching Calls for Pro Users

The course also has our Special Edition SaaSPRENEUR Boxes as an Add-on! We’ve had such a large number of people who were interested in the boxes, that we are sending out 30-50 boxes each day!

If you’re not on PRO today, you can purchase the course to learn about becoming a SaaSPRENEUR. The Course will be available for $1997, but for LevelUp Day, we are offering it for $497 plus 30 days of FREE access to PRO! Just visit gohighlevel.com/fasttrack.

Crazy About Our Affiliates

As of today, HighLevel affiliates have earned over $8,837,363 and counting!

We also Launched our HighLevel SuperCharged SaaS Program, where affiliates can earn the electric vehicle of their dreams. In under four months, we’ve already given away four vehicles!

And to help affiliates get to their dream car faster, we’ve increased the cookie length to 60 days!

You can join the HighLevel Affiliate Program even (if you’re not a HighLevel Customer) at https://www.gohighlevel.com/joinaffiliate, and to learn more about the Supercharged SaaS Program, visit gohighlevel.com/ssp.

You can also join our weekly affiliate hangouts every Tuesday @ 9AM ET/ 10am CT / 8AM PT! Find all the HighLevel events at gohighlevel.com/events.

Swag It Out

We’ve had a lot of customers ask if they can purchase HighLevel branded items, so we built a store and recently updated our Fall/Winter collection.

You can stock up on HighLevel swag at store.gohighlevel.com.

HighLevel Headquarters

We opened our New HQ in Dallas. Reach out to support@gohighlevel.com if you’re interested in coming by to meet us in person!

Marketplace Updates

We expanded our Marketplace with our Services Team. Marketplace 2.0 launched in mid June 2021 and over have fulfilled over 800+ projects since the 2.0 launch!

Services now include:

  • Audits for SEO and Advertising
  • Logo + Branding Kits
  • Copywriting
  • Facebook/instagram Advertising
  • Adwords/YouTube Advertising
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Online Listing
  • Funnels
  • Websites
  • Migrations

Serious About Customer Success

We rebuilt our Customer Success Team from the ground up. The Success experience now includes:

  • One Click Away Live Onboarding
  • 1on1 Expert Consulting Advanced Setups
  • Supporting 200+ Priority Support Clients
  • Extended Hours Servicing International Clients
  • 1000+ Express Account Setup for SMB
  • and SaaS Agencies
  • More than 400+ Jumpstart Agencies launched in under 1 month.
  • Lifetime Assigned Success Specialist
  • Weekly Public Q&A’s

We’ve also continued to grow the Support Team and made some awesome updates to Customer Support including:

  • Migration from FreshDesk to ZenDesk
  • Live ‘Swarm’ approach to Support (pulling customers from Chats into Zoom)
  • Goal: 1 hour response time (regardless of the channel)
  • Coming Soon: Phone support (inbound & outbound)

A New Member Of The HighLevel Family

HighLevel has a new mascot – a robot who fights agency churn across galaxies far and wide! You’ll start to see this revenue-saving hero roll out across the HighLevel Website, Blog, and branding soon!

We’re running a contest to name the new mascot and the winning entry will receive a $250 Gift Certificate to the HighLevel Swag Store!

Now Let’s Talk About How We Generated Over $100M Of Wealth To Agencies.

When we launched, we started as a follow up platform for website and funnel building agencies. Once we launched our funnel builder, we noticed that something was wrong with the industry. We noticed that everyone was focused on driving traffic to a funnel to show that they made over a million dollars for their clients.

The problem is though, agencies are running around walking on stage to get an “award” showing how they made money for someone else. No one has focused on agencies and how they are making money and supporting themselves.

And even though these agencies were making millions for their customers, they were still churning customers at crazy rates.

We know that Funnels alone are not going to provide success to customers. Nor is the agency actually making money.

Which is why we created SaaS Mode.

SaaS Mode To The Rescue

At the 2020 Level Up Day we unveiled some pretty scary statistics showing that the average agency’s churn rate was over 60% and that the average agency wasn’t able to maintain more than a handful of clients at any given time.

But since the roll out of SaaS Mode, the 1,860 HighLevel SaaSPRENEURs have generated over $100 Million Dollars of WEALTH back into their agency’s bank account in the last 12 months.

This includes SaaS subscriptions, Twilio rebilling & email rebilling margins.

We introduced SaaS Mode and the SaaS Plan Configurator, which enables agencies to adopt a SaaS + Services model and the data we’ve gathered since SaaS Mode rolled out is amazing.

Now we are now focused on generating $1,000,000,000 of WEALTH to Agencies! So let’s talk about how we’re going to do that…

New Features

2021’s Level Up Day came bearing a TON of new features:

Twilio ISV

Rid yourself of the complexity & compliance of managing your own Twilio account by using the new LeadConnector Telephony service. It’s like the easy button for Twilio! Fully A2P 10DLC compliant for you as well as your clients and if you’re on SaaS Mode, you can re-bill all the usage to your clients and profit off each message sent & minute used.

  • Works out of the box
  • 1-click migration of existing clients
  • No data loss
  • Built-in A2P 10DLC compliance
  • No more Twilio management
  • Rebill directly to clients
  • in-app on the pro plan

You no longer have to worry about Twilio, SHAKEN/STIR and 10DLC Registrations. Join the beta at gohighlevel.com/isv-launch

Whatsapp Integration

Read, reply, and automate Whatsapp messages in HighLevel. Once integrated, Whatsapp messages flow into the same conversation stream as emails, text messages, Facebook messages, Instagram DMs, and Google My Business messages creating a truly unified chat experience.

  • Send/Receive messages via WhatsApp
  • Additional channel inside HL
  • Run workflows + automations
  • Included in our ISV/hosted model.
  • Rebill directly to clients in-app
  • Part of SaaS Mode

Whatapp will be a massive help with users in international countries where SMS rates are expensive.

Agencies will be able to re-bill on the usage to your customer just like SMS! Join the beta launch at gohighlevel.com/whatsapp-launch

Shopify Integration

HighLevel is poised to break out in the eCommerce world with our new Shopify integration. V1 launches with two Workflow triggers enabling users to automate actions when a new order is placed and when a cart is abandoned.

The integration also launches with over 40 different Shopify Custom Variables that can be used in email & sms messages that dynamically pull information in from Shopify. Email builder also has a new Shopping Cart block that can be used for order Summaries as well as new email templates for Cart abandonment, Order Confirmation, and more.

The Shopify integration will continue to expand with more features in 2022! Join the beta launch at gohighlevel.com/shopify-launch

301 Permanent Redirects For Domains

Easily manage permanent redirects for Funnel & Website pages. Common use cases:

  • Moving to a new domain Cleaning up dynamic URLs and re-directing them to shorter, search engine friendly versions.
  • Preventing duplicate content problems; for example, if you have multiple blogs written on the same subject and want to aggregate them into one super blog post

1-Step Order Form In Funnels

Allow users to make a purchase quicker than ever with a 1-Step order form. The new 1-Step order form also handles 3D Secure/2FA in nearly all use cases.

Workflow Event Updates

Wait Event Updates: wait for trigger link click, wait for email events (open, clicked, unsubscribe, replied, etc.)

If/Else Updates: Conditional routing based on email events, which trigger link was clicked

RSS Feeds For Email Builder

Pull RSS Feeds directly from blogs and other sites to create scheduled email blasts. Schedule out the Emails to go out automatically!

Account Level File Management

Easily upload and use files across the whole app in one central place. Search, sort, & folders!

Mobile App Updates

The latest update to the HighLevel, LeadConnector, and white-labeled mobile apps brings the ability to import phone contacts into the app and export app contacts to the phone, monitor recent updates across all sub-accounts with a new activity card dashboard, and compose more robust emails via the new rich text editor.

Yext Listings

Yext Listings ensure that your client’s business’s most critical information is consistent and that it exists on the most important business directories across the internet. Each listing comes with a backlink so the combination of consistent data + nearly 100 powerful backlinks usually results in a significant SEO boost. And now agencies can leverage HighLevel’s bulk discount and resell listings to clients at the price of their choosing and automatically receive a recurring profit!

  • Re-sellability built-in
  • Easy collections & subscription management with Stripe
  • Best in the market prices of $30/mo

Over the past 30 days, agencies reselling Yext have added over $ 266,076.00 in ARR!

Invoicing & Estimates

Create invoices, save invoice templates, and send via email, SMS, FB Messenger, Instagram DM, GMB chat, and Whatsapp from both desktop and mobile. Collect payments easier than ever before with the new credit card scanner option on mobile!

  • Fully Hosted solution
  • Integration with HL products
  • Track invoice status within HL
  • Request deposits on invoices
  • Test invoices before sending to clients

Join the beta launch at gohighlevel.com/invoice-launch

New UI

A completely redesigned navigation experience. Switch between sub-accounts quicker than ever with the new “recent locations” and “pinned locations” in the location switcher and take action instantly from the new Quick Actions button!

  • Minimalist Design
  • Business function focus rather than feature focus
  • Contextual Settings Menu
  • Quick Actions
  • Recently accessed locations in location selector dropdown

Enable it today!

  • Opt-in through the prompt at the top
  • Test your account for new UI
  • Enable it for your clients through Agency Settings > Company > New Sidebar card

User Collaboration

See which users are currently editing a Funnel or Website pages, including control & variation pages of split tests!

  • Know the teammates working on various funnels
  • Know who else is editing a particular funnel step
  • Track Control and Variation versions separately.

CRM Enhancements

The list of updates that have been made to the CRM side of HighLevel are too many to cover in one paragraph but users will notice things like speed increases across the board, faster uploads of CSV files when importing contacts, drag & droppable files, overall UX enhancements, and more!

2022 Roadmap

The roadmap ahead is packed with incredible new updates such as:

The Core CRM 2021 Q4 Roadmap

  • Folders – Custom Fields and Custom Values
  • Speed & Performance Improvements
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • (Contacts, Conversations etc.)
  • Smartlist Improvements
  • (Ex: “Or” Filters etc. )
  • CSV Import Improvements
  • (Ex: Error Logs etc.)
  • Conversations Reporting
  • Document Management

The Core CRM 2022 Q1 Roadmap

  • Company Object/Records
  • Communication Preferences
  • (DND Flows)
  • Contact Creation Flow
  • ( Plugs + UX Tweaks)
  • Task Management
  • ( Merge with Manual Actions)
  • Conversations: Advanced Filters

The Core CRM 2022 Q2 Roadmap

  • Marketplace Sign in- Dev Partner Accounts
  • Granular Permissions
  • New Opportunity Creation Flow
  • Conversations: Send Later
  • “View as” any user
  • Audit Logs for User & Team Management

The Mobile App 2021 Q4 Roadmap

  • 10x faster performance!
  • Instant location switching, zero load time.
  • Use the app even when your internet is
  • disconnected or slow.
  • Zero Lag by Q1 2022

The Mobile App 2022 Q1 Roadmap

Conversations supercharged:

  • Full redesigned conversations with
  • a full feature set!
  • Initiate and manage messages from multiple sources seamlessly.
  • More power with custom fields.
  • Request payments on the fly.

The Mobile App 2022 Q2 Roadmap

Invoicing on Mobile!

  • Create and send invoices from mobile.
  • Take payments on the fly!
  • Run your entire business on the go.
  • Automatically send payment requests for a job well done!

Reputation Management updates on Mobile!

  • Manage Feedback and reply from
  • the mobile app with just a few clicks
  • Set and complete your goals
  • Track Review request across
  • multiple platforms
  • Gauge your performance
  • with sentiment analysis

Let’s Talk About Eliza

Last year we launched Eliza, which is comprised of three modules:

  1. The Eliza Booking Bot flow (a Pro Plan feature that has been added to over 100,000 worfklows!)

2. The Eliza Agent Platform, which enables Agencies that provide roll-over services to their own customers to easily manage all conversation across ALL sub-accounts in one view. The Eliza Agent Platform is an add-on software that is available in the Marketplace

3. Eliza Human Rollover Service. In Q1 of 2022, We will be launching the ability in app to Resell Human Rollover Services to your customers aka Done For You Lead Nurturing. This will allow you to generate more wealth for your agency. More Details to come…stay tuned!

Let’s Talk About The Calendar Roadmap

The 2021 Q4 Roadmap

  • Improvements to In-app Appointment Booking Flow
  • Improvements to In-app Calendar Set-up Flow
  • Drag and Drop Calendars Between ‘Teams’ or Otherwise

Reserve With Google!

  • Allow your clients to get booked directly from Google!
  • Integrates with their GMB profiles.
  • Part of the Google Local Service Ads program.
  • Launches December 2021!

The 2022 Q1 Roadmap

  • Unavailable Slots Troubleshoot Tool
  • Adding Guests to Appointments
  • Collective Scheduling (Many to One Bookings)
  • User Availability Exceptions

Let’s Talk About The Memberships Roadmap

Membership Themes!

  • Pre Defined Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • Customizable Layouts
  • Multiple styles for sections

Assessments and Certifications

  • Builder for creation of assessment and certifications

Upsell With Memberships

  • Upsell courses
  • Manage Upselling Offers

Other Enhancements

  • Social media Sharing Options
  • Promotional Discounts and Coupons
  • Affiliate offers
  • Universal Search
  • Membership Cancellations

Let’s Talk About The Funnel/Website Builder Roadmap

The 2021 Q4 Roadmap

  • Speed, speed, speed!
  • New Google CDN (Level 0)
  • Reduced Script Loads
  • 10x speed improvements for funnels + website.
  • No need to rebuild or migrate.

Let’s Talk About Other Updates Rolling Out in 2021/2022

Social Media Posting

  • Connect multiple Social accounts
  • Post in FB, GMB and Instagram
  • Schedule posts for future
  • Track engagement metrics in one place

Other Updates

  • Pop-up Forms
  • Phone System Capabilities
  • Email – List/Topics
  • (Unsubscribe Management and Opt-in)
  • Company/Child Object
  • ISV – Email Rebilling
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • SSO/Oauth
  • 3rd Party Payment Gateways (NMI)
  • Coupon Codes
  • Order confirmation page
  • Folders for Custom Values, Custom Fields
  • Social Comments Inbox (Keep up with Social Media Comments)
  • Domain Purchase/Domain Management

Let’s Talk About One More Thing… WordPress Hosting!

Move your WordPress site into the Fast lane and leave your competitors in the dust with HighLevel’s new WordPress hosting. Powered by the Google Cloud Platform, HighLevel WordPress hosting provides cutting edge infrastructure, unmatched performance, and blazing speed! Migrate existing sites or launch new installs from within your HighLevel dashboard.

It’s a premium add-on, but we worked internally all the way to the 11th hour to come up with a solution to create the cheapest, and fastest solution for agencies to provide to their clients.

You will be able to get premium WordPress hosting for $10 a site!

And it gets better… just like Yext, you’ll be able to re-sell it.

Our goal during this Launch, is to see if we can drive the cost even lower, and build an awesome WordPress management solution around it for your agency.

We are ALSO going to create an UNLIMITED option that will be $350/month!

Because it is LevelUP Day, we have a Founder’s Special… We are offering the Founder’s Unlimited Hosting Solution early for $3000/year!

That breaks down to $250/month!

And if you purchase today, we’ll throw in an additional 2 Months FREE!

That is a total Savings of $1900!

And for those who take advantage of the WordPress Founder’s Special…

We are also throwing in ourOfficial HighLevel Beta Tester Shirt!

This offer isn’t for everyone, and we understand that… We’re just looking for the best customers who work with WordPress and can help guide us long-term to making it a World Class Hosting Solution. If that’s you, join the launch today at gohighlevel.com/wordpress-launch

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