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Get set up for success with HighLevel’s Quick Wins Playbook! In this series of videos, we’ll walk through some essential features you need to take advantage of. These features will generate more leads, conversations, and reviews for both you and your clients, driving your revenue and retention through the roof! In addition, we’ll go over how to set up an efficient, conversion-boosting workflow to make the most of your leads.

Quick Win #1: SMS-Enabled Phone Numbers

Our first Quick Win is SMS-enabled phone numbers. Let’s be real, who wants to talk on the phone anymore? Your potential clients and leads are no different – everyone prefers to text! By setting up SMS-enabled phone numbers for yourself and your clients, you’re unlocking the power of text communication, which has much higher delivery, open, and conversion rates compared to emails. In addition, once you have this feature set up, it automatically creates contacts and updates them with relevant information like names and emails as they come up in conversation.

Quick Win #2: The Missed-Call Text-Back

What if a potential lead actually DOES want to call your client’s business and their call is missed? Is that another lead down the drain? It doesn’t have to be with HighLevel’s missed-call text-back feature. When you set up an SMS-enabled phone number as detailed in the previous Quick Win, this feature is automatically enabled. If (when) your client’s business misses a call, a text message will be sent to that caller prompting them to respond back via text. Since this happens so quickly, you are likely to catch them before they try calling one of the competitors!

Quick Win #3: The HighLevel Mobile App

Our third Quick Win is the HighLevel Mobile App. By utilizing the app, you can take your business on the go and manage contacts, prospects, opportunities, and more, all in the palm of your hand! This important feature is one of the top ways to reduce client churn – in fact, it can help you retain clients for 30% longer than normal! There are three versions of the app: HighLevel, LeadConnector (our gray-labeled app), and a white-labeled version (an additional charge).

Quick Win #4: Facebook & Instagram

Did you know that you can consolidate communication from social channels such as Facebook and Instagram in your HighLevel account? By connecting your social platforms within your account, any messages on them are funneled into the conversations tab, where you’ll also find emails, SMS messages, and more! This makes managing client communications so much easier for your agency and your clients as well – saving time and the headache of having to log into multiple platforms.

Quick Win #5: Google Business Chat

Our fifth Quick Win leverages the power of Google, namely, Google Business Profiles! These are typically the first results that appear when searching for businesses, and they generate a LOT of online traffic. In fact, the average small business receives over 1,000 visits per month via their Google Business Profile. By connecting these within HighLevel for your agency and your clients, you can enable messaging and manage communication easier. This allows you to open up a new free leads channel for your clients that your agency gets to take the credit for, as well as allowing you to take advantage of potential leads that you might be missing otherwise!

Quick Win #6: Reputation Management

People generally trust the opinions of other people more than the advertisements of a company itself. Because of this, positive online reviews hold a lot of weight and end up driving more sales. In fact, 94% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business with positive reviews. Not only that, 89% of them are more likely to buy if a business actually responds to their reviews as well! It is critical to generate reviews and reply to them, and HighLevel makes this easy. When you connect Facebook and Google Business Profile, reviews automatically start pulling into the conversation stream, where you can view, reply, and dispute them. You can also gather more reviews with review request templates and send them out to contacts with a quick action. Not only can you use this to build your agency’s reputation, but it is a valuable deliverable you can provide to your clients quickly and easily, with benefits that are easy for them to see!

Quick Win #7: Automated Answers to FAQs

Do your client complain about their business getting a lot of messages asking the same or similar questions? Your agency can save them valuable time by setting up automated answers! HighLevel allows you to launch a workflow recipe that monitors inbound channels for messages that contain specific words or phrases and automate back messages that contain answers to these frequently asked questions. Not only will this save your clients time, but it can often get answers to wondering customers a lot quicker than manually replying, making your agency a hero to all! 😎

Quick Win #8: The HighLevel Webchat Widget

We’ve spoken a lot about streamlining and consolidating communications with your leads and clients. The HighLevel Webchat Widget is another great way to do this! This webchat option, which can be easily installed on GHL, WordPress, and other sites, serves as a gateway into SMS conversations. When leads fill out the chat form, it comes through as a text in your conversations stream. When you reply, it goes to their phone as a text message, so they aren’t waiting around with a chat box open!

Quick Win #9: Call To Action Forms

Do all of your clients’ websites have CTA forms? If not, what is prompting potential leads to take action and engage with their business or brand? CTA forms are effective at generating leads and collecting their contact info to follow up on. HighLevel makes it easy to create these forms with drag-and-drop builders. You can select whether you want them to pop up when a lead tries to exit a page, or when they click a button. Plus, these forms can be embedded on any website, not just GHL. Setting these up for your clients is a quick process that starts providing valuable leads almost immediately!

Quick Win #10: Social Link Pages

Have you ever noticed that many social platforms limit you to including just one link on the profile page? It can be hard to decide whether you want to link to a client’s website home page, a contact page, a blog, or something else entirely. With HighLevel’s social link pages, you don’t need to decide! These LinkTree-like pages are available as templates in our library, all you have to do is swap out the buttons to include every link you want to feature and set it live on a subdomain. This creates a link to include on social profiles that is much more powerful than any one website page, making it easy to impress your clients and channel their leads efficiently.

Bonus Quick Win: The Fast 5 Lite

Now that you’re bringing in loads of leads for your clients, it’s important to follow through with them! If you can engage a new lead in the first five minutes, the odds of closing that lead skyrocket, but we all know that clients have their hands full running their business and tend to be slow to respond. That’s why HighLevel created the Fast 5 Lite recipe. This workflow automates engagement with leads by sending an email and a text message within the first two minutes. If the customer replies, they are funneled through a workflow that aims to gain sales. If the customer doesn’t reply, a phone call is triggered to your client’s business, alerting them to a new lead and allowing them to initiate a call to their new lead at the push of a button. There are many other parts to this powerful workflow, all working together to make the most of every single lead you collect for your clients.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to get started with HighLevel from our easy tutorial videos and content. Our quick wins are easy to implement and can wow your clients right away!

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