Affiliate Payment Questions

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Oh, how exciting! You’re a HighLevel Affiliate (or you should be one!) and you’re now looking into how to get paid. Especially with your 40% recurring commission, we’re super excited to make sure you get your reward!

What plans can affiliates earn commission for?

You can check out our updated affiliate policy here: As of the date that this Help Document is posted, you can earn commission on the following HighLevel Subscriptions: Agency Starter Plan, Agency Unlimited Plan, Agency Pro Plan, White-Labeled App Subscription.

How to Set Up/Change a Payment Method

Here’s the steps to do change your payment method: 

  1. Log in at
  2. Click on “Payouts” (here’s a screenshot:
  3. Next to PayPal, click “Change” (here’s a screenshot:

Common follow up question: “Do you have other payment methods?”

Unfortunately not at this time, but it’s something we’re looking into for the future! If you’re still experiencing problems, feel free to join our next affiliate Q&A or reach out to the support team!

How often do payments occur?

All commissions are paid out on the 15th of the following month (note that there is a minimum payout threshold of $50 or the commission rolls over into the next month). We pay out on the morning of the 15th Eastern Standard Time. If the 15th falls on a weekend, we wait until the next business day!

For example, if your customer makes a payment on January 4th, you will see the payment “Pending” in your account on February 1st, and your payment will be paid out on February 15th (as long as your commission is over $50)!

Why haven’t I received my payout yet?

There’s a few reasons why this could be happening!

  1. Is it before the 15th of the month? It’s likely that the payment is “Pending” because our system holds the payments until the 15th in case the HighLevel team needs to make any adjustments to the payout. No worries, it’s coming soon!
  2. Does the 15th fall on a weekend? Your payment is scheduled to be paid out on the next business day!
  3. If you just added a payment method and see that payments are pending for 2 months or longer, it’s likely that we have to release the payouts! Feel free to open up a chat or submit a support ticket and include the following: your affiliate link OR your affiliate e-mail, AND a screenshot of the pending payouts. Please also make sure that you’ve attached a valid PayPal e-mail!
  4. None of the above applying to you? Open up a chat or submit a support ticket with your affiliate link or affiliate e-mail and our team will get back to you as quickly as we can!

How can I get paid more?

Great question!

Affiliates who show HighLevel to more people and/or get their current customers to upgrade end up generating more affiliate revenue! Join our next affiliate hangout to learn more about the various strategies that are currently being used (or check out our blog post on the top 5 Ways to Get Your First 5 Affiliates)!

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