The Top Linktree Alternatives for Agencies and Consultants 

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Looking for Linktree alternatives for your agency?

If you are like most agencies and small businesses, you likely have multiple links and offers you want to share in your social media bios so visitors can find exactly what they need.

Unfortunately, on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, you can’t show as many links as you want.

Linktree was one of the first to create a solution to this problem—a digital link in bio tool that lets businesses add multiple links in one slick micro landing page. 

While the platform has expanded rapidly and rolled out a whole host of features, it is designed for content creators, celebrities, and social media influencers, NOT agencies. Linktree is simply not designed to support complex marketing funnels (at least not without a lot of workarounds).  

Fortunately, there are plenty of paid and free Linktree alternatives these days. In this post, we’re taking a closer look at their core features as well as sharing why HighLevel is one of the best Linktree alternatives for agencies and consultants. 


Linktree is an easy-to-use, no-code landing page builder for social media platforms. If you need something cheap and simple, it works well. They even have a completely free version.

It is easy to set up and can save you time compared to creating your own link-in-bio page on your website. When visitors click your Linktree link, they’ll arrive at a custom page that includes any offers you want to show them, calls to action, or links to other content or social media. They also have a freemium plan and affordable paid plans that range from $5 to $24 per month. 

All versions provide the ability to include:

  • Unlimited links on your Linktree page
  • All social icons 
  • A preview of an embedded Spotify track, SoundCloud, Audiomack, or podcast show
  • Embedded social media links, including Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube videos
  • Lock sensitive content links with content flags or date of birth entry requirements
  • Payments with PayPal, Square, Shopify, and Spring

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of using Linktree is that you give up some control over branding, design customization, and data/analytics. Additionally, you end up sending your traffic to Linktree instead of to your own website, which has negative implications when it comes to website analytics. 

You see this in Linktree’s available themes, which cater heavily to social media influencers and content creators, not professional service firms or marketing agencies. With a lack of advanced features, limited customization and design elements, this means you often have to make sacrifices, especially if you can’t code, even on their highest paid plan of $24 per month. 

Another way this plays out is that some customers mention on review sites that it is challenging to present everything they need to convey within the limited character limits of the bio description. 

On the flip side, if you want complete control, more advanced features, and the ability for it to feed nicely into your marketing funnel, HighLevel is a solid alternative. You still have the same, easy-to-use drag and drop interface but without all of the constraints of link in bio tools. So, you can present your links how you want, and it all ties back to your marketing funnel so you can capture, nurture, and close more deals from social media, like your Instagram posts, Messenger links, and Youtube channel,

In fact, you can even build Linktree-like custom landing pages directly in HighLevel as a Linktree alternative. Here’s how.  

White-label functionality

If you use the freemium version of Linktree, your Linktree page will display its logo and branding. Fortunately, you can remove their logo from the bottom of your Linktree page by upgrading to the Pro subscription or higher level.

However, this is the extent of their white-label capabilities. 

Alternatively, you have full control of your brand within HighLevel as a Linktree alternative, including the ability to set these pages with all your links up on a custom URL. You can hide/remove the HighLevel logo and branding as well as customize your menu items, CSS, and Javascript. You can even create your own pricing plans (subscription, tiered, metered, etc) as detailed customer account permissions based on these plans. 

Linktree alternative


The biggest difference between HighLevel and Linktree is that Linktree is designed for creators, celebrities, and social media influencers. If you are a musician that’s looking to grow your TikTok following, Instagram account, and promote your new music, then you’ll love the simplicity and ease of use of Linktree. 

However, if you are an agency that is looking to communicate and nurture leads and customers through social media, email, SMS, and phone campaigns, Linktree is just a tiny part of that. You are going to need to purchase and connect so many different software, such as website CMS, sales CRM, marketing automation, analytics, payment processing, survey tools, call-tracking, and more, in order to execute at the level you want to be at. That’s not only more expensive than paying for an all-in-one solution like HighLevel, but it means you’ll likely always be needing to create new custom workarounds through Zapier, Make, or custom code, as well as troubleshoot problems when a workaround inevitably stops working.   

As a Linktree alternative, HighLevel makes it easy to not only collect payments and send invoices but you can also create your own SaaS-like revenue stream.

Linktree alternatives

The Real Opportunity For Digital Agencies & Entrepreneurs

Every business needs to create landing pages to capture leads anywhere they can and your social bio link is a great place to surface that on all your favorite platforms.

However, with just one link in your Instagram bio (and other social media platforms!), your custom landing page needs to not only stand out but it should also be integrated into your full marketing funnel.

  • Create a winning design on your custom domain for both desktop and mobile users.
  • As a Linktree alternative, you’ll be able to provide businesses not just with a Social Lead-Gen page but also the CRM to house & nurture the leads, consolidated communication in a mobile app, reputation management, and more.
  • See what’s working with our Google Analytics integration.
  • Retarget visitors who click on your social links through our Facebook pixel integration.
  • Instead of charging businesses $9/month like Linktree does, you get to charge $297+ (a price already proven in the market!)
  • Build a 7-figure software business like thousands of other HighLevelers have without having to write any code!

Ready to supercharge your agency with HighLevel? 

The bottom line is that Linktree is helpful if you have simple marketing funnels and don’t mind having a middleman between you and your audience. This digital tool is easy to set up, can be shared easily, and is very affordable.

However, if you are an agency with a complex marketing funnel, Linktree is yet another tool that you have to pay for and integrate into your existing tech stack. 

If you are tired of cobbling together a dozen or more tools and are looking for an all-in-one solution, you can get started with a 14-day free trial of HighLevel here