How White-Labeling SaaS Improves Agility & Helps You Scale

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Thought the software-as-a-service market had already peaked? Think again. The SaaS industry is expected to have an exponential year of growth and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. 

As businesses strive to remain competitive and offer the most innovative products and services, white-labeling SaaS solutions (like HighLevel) can be a great way to save time and money while still providing quality software for customers. 

Could white labeling be your ticket to agility and scalability? Let’s take a look at the benefits. 

What does it mean to ‘white-label’? 

When you go into a brick-and-mortar store and buy a product, you’re rarely purchasing an item that was designed, manufactured, and sold by one brand name. Instead, you’re likely buying a product that was created by one company and then sold to another along with branding rights. 

This is the process of white labeling – purchasing a product and selling it under your own brand. 

In the SaaS world, white labeling means using an existing product as a base and then customizing it to fit your brand’s needs. This could include changing the look and feel of the software, adding additional features, or integrating it with other systems. 

The company that originally developed the platform makes money off of the sale and you’re able to offer a product that is tailored to your needs without having to develop it from scratch. 

White-labeling vs building your own solution

When you build your own SaaS product, you’re taking on a massive, time-consuming, expensive project. It requires extensive planning, resources, and development to create an effective software system from the ground up. 

Some platforms can cost between $20K and $200K to develop depending on the complexity. Plus, you’ll need to continually invest in maintenance and updates as your product evolves with customer needs. 

With a white-label solution, many of these costs are already taken out of the equation since you’re not starting from scratch. You can purchase an existing platform and customize it for your own brand without having to go through all the development stages. 

That means:

  • You can launch much faster 
  • Your budget can be spent on front-end design and powerful integration 
  • You can start to generate revenue and ROI much sooner 
  • Your product can stay up-to-date with the latest features and integrations  

White labeling also allows you to scale quickly since you’re not investing in long, drawn-out development cycles. You can launch a new feature or make an update within minutes instead of weeks or months. 

Does white labeling help you scale?

Yes – white labeling is one of the most effective ways to build a scalable business that can grow quickly and efficiently. 

A house-built platform can be a great solution in certain cases, but it’s not always the best option for scaling. With white labeling, you’re able to launch new features and make updates with minimal effort and cost. No need to worry about lengthy development cycles or maintenance bottlenecks. 

What about agility?

Perhaps the strongest appeal of customizing a pre-built platform is the agility it offers your business. Many white-label solutions offer APIs and webhooks for easy integration with other software systems. That means you can extend the functionality of your product without having to write any code. 

Rather than having to create your own customer portal, for instance, you could integrate a white-label solution with an existing system. The arduous process of going back and forth from drawing board to development can be skipped altogether, allowing you to launch features faster and more efficiently. 

Go white label with HighLevel

We’re an agency for agencies – that’s how most people know us. Our marketing platform combines every function you could possibly need, from sales to appointment scheduling to lead gen and nurturing. But that’s not all. 

Our white-label solution allows you to customize the look and feel of our platform with your own branding, or even build an entirely new product based on our existing platform. You’ll be able to launch faster, scale quickly, and stay agile at all times. Help companies level up their sales and marketing game by selling our dynamic solution under your own brand. Get in touch today!

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