Quick Wins for Sticky Clients: The Case of Bobby & Billy the Barber

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So, you’ve captured the lead, won the call, and closed the deal.

Your new client writes you a handsome check and is excited to see what your agency can do.

Your team doubles down. 

Day 1:

Your research assistant is collecting and organizing any and all relevant information about your client’s business. 

Day 3: 

Your writers are digesting that information and preparing campaign angles. 

Day 7:

Your media buyer is acquiring the necessary permissions, conducting audits, and preparing the ad accounts for eventual success. 

Day 12:

Your tech guy or gal is analyzing the client’s current stack: what is the business using, what are the present results, and where are the holes that with time and effort you hope to fill. 

Week two to week six:

The groundwork is laid, a plan established, and it’s finally all systems go.

Meantime, however, your new client has started to feel apprehensive, and a question dreaded by every agency owner begins to surface:

“Did I make the right decision here?”

You do what you can to reassure your client on every front. You remind them that this is normal, that it takes time to do good work.

But, of course, ads must undergo review and algorithms must learn before one can observe a return on investment. If an SEO strategy is part of the mix, this process will be even longer.

Month 2: 

The fire’s hot. 

“We better be right on the money with these first ad campaigns or we’re probably screwed.”

Turns out that the free teeth whitening lead magnet was too ‘2021,’ and you’re back on the hunt for another new client to replace the loss to your bottom line.

What a waste! 

There is, however, a way to avoid this from ever happening to your agency again:

Solve as part of your onboarding routine the smaller, but still significant problems that are already acute pain points for your clients.

The Case of Bobby & Billy the Barber

Suppose your client is a local barber shop. Your overarching plan is to generate more leads for the business through SEO in the long run and PPC in the short term. 

But you notice right away that your client’s communication channels are scattered – FB and Instagram inboxes are flooded with unanswered questions; emails are in one place and Whatsapp messages are in another; calls are missed because the Barber Shop secretary also doubles as a stylist; and, naturally, amid the chaos, quality prospects are lost to the business for good. 

You also notice that despite these various channels of communication, the business is still difficult to contact and customer support is unresponsive. By the time Bobby knows whether the client offers a straight shave, he’s already booked an appointment with the Barber Shop’s competition. 

What’s more, Bobby had his doubts about the Barber Shop anyway, because the reviews section didn’t meet his expectations, and the listing in Google’s directory was a bit lower than he might’ve liked. Hitting the front desk answering machine after six or seven rings only confirmed his initial suspicions.

These are painful problems for the Barber Shop, because they sacrifice potential revenue. When your agency solves these problems – almost immediately – you become indispensable to your client. Your client sticks to you, because you are now the glue that holds the entire operation together. 

HighLevel was designed to help you be that glue – to be the solution to these problems, to build trust early, and ensure longer and more fruitful relationships with your clients.

With our easy, step by step onboarding template, agency owners have a clear and proven path to deliver big wins quickly.

Lead Connector App

The Barber Shop’s communication channels are scattered. Through the HighLevel Lead Connector app, you can consolidate all of them in one place, and have a gateway through which you bring Billy, the Barber Shop’s owner, into the center of his business, divert his attention to the opportunities he may have been missing, and cement him in the software that you will be using – and monetizing – to market his business.

Once he’s locked in, and excited at every vibration in his pocket, you make it as easy as possible for prospective leads to find the business, to have their uppermost questions answered, to appreciate the Barber Shop’s merit, to establish contact with the Barber Shop, to lock in their appointments, to make payments, and to issue a well-deserved review for seamless service.

Webchat Widget

First, you install the HighLevel chat widget on the Barber Shop’s website. This widget will not only provide automated answers to customers’ most frequently asked questions, but will also convert business inquiries into a text message conversation, so prospects can take the business with them on the go, and Sally can respond to styling requests from anywhere, in the Shop or out, before, during, and after hours.

Google Business Integration

Then, to satisfy the Bobbies of the world, you’ll connect the Barber Shop’s Google Business Profile with your lead connector app. When Bobby discovers the Barber Shop on Google for the first time, he now has the option to text the business his inquiry about the straight shave, and because you know this as a common question for the Barber Shop, you’ve preprogrammed an automatic reply in a HighLevel workflow to provide him his answer straight away.

Reputation Management

He’s thrilled, the Barber Shop has him on the hook, he becomes a valued customer, and walks away from his straight shave satisfied. Afterwards, he receives a casual request for feedback, automated from HighLevel, and timed to reach him within thirty minutes.

Bobby’s spirits still high, he decides to drop a kind review, which through the Barber Shop’s Google Profile integration now flows directly to HighLevel’s reputation management software, where the stylist can easily leave her reply. Should she find any unsavory reviews while doing so, she can also dispute these on the spot, directly to Google administrators, and have them promptly removed.

Drag and Drop Email Builder

For those that prefer to address their questions by email, HighLevel’s drag and drop email builder and custom templates, along with sophisticated email automation triggers, ensure that no email ever slips through the cracks again, and that all replies are sent on brand. 

Missed Call Text-Back

For those few who, for some crazy reason, still prefer to call the Barber Shop for support, but are met with the machine because the secretary is cutting hair, our GMB ‘missed-call text-back’ feature automatically responds to the prospect’s voicemail and preserves the conversation.

All this work done – all these painful Barber Shop problems solved – in the timeframe required for your agency’s team to prepare and roll out the first of what will now be many ad campaigns. 

HighLevel’s SaaS Program

You’ve automated the Barber Shop’s operations. You’ve cast a wide net, caught all the fish that were previously swimming by the wayside, and have set your client – and your agency – up for long-term success. Best of all, if you’re on HighLevel’s SaaS plan, you’re earning money for the Barber Shop’s commitment to your software, for every automatic chat reply, and for every text message sent.

Should Billy ever decide that running ads or SEO is no longer good for his business, the Barber Shop will continue paying you monthly for access to your software solution, because Billy’s business now lives and thrives through your HighLevel account.


HighLevel is designed to keep your clients happy, longer. When onboarding and preparing lead generation campaigns for new clients, make use of our lead connector app, Google Business integration features, comprehensive automation software, and SaaS capabilities to deliver quick wins, create sticky relationships, and establish dependable profit centers for your agency.

Guest post provided by James Nolan of Warm-Blooded

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