Scheduled Success with Calendars: The Case of Calvin the Chiropractor

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Calvin the Chiropractor sits in his office one night, after hours, pondering.

The last couple of years put his business in dire straits, with revenues sinking to an all-time low, leaving Calvin in a desperate position.

Three months ago, Calvin received an email from the ‘Get er done’ agency, or GED for short.

It was a perfectly crafted cold email – personalized and full of promise.

GED knew what position Calvin was in and the agency offered him the holy grail:

More leads.

“This is what I need”, thought Calvin. “With more leads, certainly business will pick up again!”

Sure enough, leads started rolling in. 

Calvin was thrilled, and he purchased a subscription to Calendly to manage the eventual influx.

Matters for Calvin, however, did not proceed as anticipated.

Calvin’s receptionist, already busy handling walk-ins, organizing and picking up the office lunch, creating Facebook content, and walking Calvin’s dog, was looked to for double-duty as madness overtook the clinic.

Emails piled in, and swallowed emails from current patients. The phone rang off the hook, and when Lucy was around to answer it, more often than not it was spam calling, clogging the line from real business.

Amid the commotion, many of the genuine candidates who expressed interest in Calvin’s service were lost to poor follow up, and among the few who made it through to Calvin’s calendly link, a healthy percentage failed to show up.

Now, Calvin sits in his office, swallowing a hard pill:

Leads do not equal appointments, and certainly do not signify intent, when there is no system in black to manage them.


The Problem of the Isolated Calendar:

The calendar is an integral component of successful lead generation campaigns, but the calendar, as Calvin learned the hard way, is part of a broader sales process. In other words, the calendar is only as effective as the infrastructure that supports it.

GED did not inform Calvin that he must educate and nurture his leads past the point of discovery; that he should have properly delineated communication channels in place to sort, sift, and reply to his prospects; and that he should have a mechanism in place to learn about and prequalify his contacts before they have the chance to waste his time.

Calvin had no landing pages, no email sequences, no value propositions, no freebies to give away, and no way to tie these things together even if he did.

GED gave him leads, but no funnel.

His calendar was isolated, and useless as a result.


Calvin and the Calendar Reunite:

Several months into the future, Calvin’s business still treading water, he is introduced to an agency using HighLevel. 

With a limited budget remaining to outsource his marketing, Calvin boldly ventures to give it one more shot.

He is surprised, to say the least, by HighLevel’s exhaustive functionality: 

Surprised that here his agency will build him a brand new website for his practice…surprised that with the agency’s help he can now integrate every front-facing aspect of his business into one place, consolidate his communication channels, engage all his customers and potential customers through one dashboard, and build funnels and automations – new concepts for Calvin – to connect the dots and supply the systematic foundation he was missing before.

But what mesmerizes Calvin the most is HighLevel’s native calendars feature.


Google Sync, Zoom Integration, and Custom Values:

Ever a Google and Zoom man, Calvin appreciates that he can readily sync his Google calendar with HighLevel and use his preferred Zoom room as his standard meeting location.

Ever a man of the people, Calvin appreciates that he can personalize and customize his calendar appointment titles with custom values – “Calvin and Amy, Intake Assessment.”

And, because Calvin sourly remembers his experience with GED, he is relieved to find that he now has multiple methods at his disposal to prequalify leads.

He can use his calendar’s additional notes section to learn more about his prospective patient – if he or she doesn’t seem like a good fit, he can politely refuse the meeting; if he or she seems like a good fit, but better suited for another practitioner on his team, Calvin can refer the prospect to the appropriate person.


Custom Forms, Advanced Notice, and Conflict Avoidance:

If Calvin wants to reinforce these measures, he can supplement his booking procedure through HighLevel’s custom form builder, where he can learn about and vet his leads however he chooses. 

Calvin can also format his calendar to accommodate for advanced notice – “I’ll need more time,” Calvin reasons, in light of the important information he is now collecting, “to prepare for those prospects most likely to convert.”

And, just in case Calvin himself is not available at the prospect’s preferred time, HighLevel’s multiple persons per slot feature spares him from having to reschedule.


Buffers, Custom Date Ranges, Payment Collection, and Team Calendars:

These features have improved Calvin’s temperament considerably. Calvin is thankful for his new agency partner.

Compared to several months ago, he is practically a new man and, consequently, chattier than ever before.

Not wishing to talk less, he adds a 15-minute buffer between appointments to his calendar availability.

He also decides that instead of eating lunch at his desk, as was his habit, he will now eat his lunch in a neighboring park. 

Using a custom date range, he blocks an hour from his calendar every afternoon for the foreseeable future.

It is during one of these delightful lunches that Calvin has an epiphany.

“Calendar bookings abound. I see them in my calendar view. I see them in my appointments tab. I see them in my dutifully maintained contact records and in my opportunities pipeline. I see them everywhere. Hm…what if I start charging people to talk to me? Is that so crazy? I mean…I am providing so much value upfront…”

Calvin sticks to his guns, informs his agency partner of his wish, and discovers that not only are prospects willing to pay for Calvin’s expertise, but, through HighLevel’s Stripe integration, he can seamlessly invoice and collect payment directly from his calendar.

Peering further into the future, we observe that Calvin’s practice is booming. He has hired additional help, assigned these new practitioners staff roles in his HighLevel account, and now makes use of team calendars, optimized for availability, to distribute the company workload. 


Calvin’s calendar, we conclude, now outfitted with HighLevel’s suite of incredible features, has never looked sexier.


Calendars are essential for all businesses that convert prospects into paying customers through discovery calls. The calendar, however, is only one piece of the puzzle. To get your leads to book a discovery call, you must drive them to your calendar. And to drive them to your calendar, you must have broader sales processes in place to nurture interest and capture intent. With HighLevel, your calendar is already where it needs to be – at the center of your business, fully functional, technically robust, and supported by every tool you’ll need along the way to craft the perfect customer journey.


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