Automated LinkedIn Outreach with Ray S.

Chase Buckner | Director of Product Marketing at HighLevel

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💥 How LinkedIn in has changed

💥 How to stay out of LinkedIn jail

💥 Prospecting on LinkedIn

💥 How Linkdra gets LinkedIn data without going to LinkedIn

💥 Linkdra Demo

If you’re interested in trying Linkdra, visit Additionally Linkdra is offering two promotions for HighLevel users:

*Agencies Special – Get 10 free accounts for every 10.
The power of LinkedIn Lead Generation to HighLevel Direct. $149.99 per user/seat per year instead of regular $400 (62% discount) . Agencies get 10 free seats for every 10 purchased and that means up to 81% discount to agencies on GHL. Limited to first 100 free seat claims.

How to claim:

*Unlimited LinkedIn Connections Export for just $9.99 a year.
Organize all LinkedIn contacts into lists with email/phone. Ready for campaigns on GHL.

How to claim:

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