Why You Should Consider The Coach/Course Creator Niche with Kamila Gornia

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In this Spotlight Session, we talk with Kamila Gornia. Kamila is a Business Coach & Founder of Heart Behind Hustle, an education company helping coaches, course creators, and service providers to grow & scale online with heart & strategy.

In this session, we discuss things like:
💥 Why the coach/course creator industry is a great niche and how Kamila can help you get started!
💥 If you are an agency/marketer and you want to start helping coaches/course creators, where’s the low-hanging fruit?
💥If you are good at paid ads, what’s a winning strategy you could market to coaches/course creators?

Learn more about Kamila’s services 👉 http://www.heartbehindhustle.com/

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