Auto Reply Made Easy: HighLevel’s New Chat Automation

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Imagine commenting on a brand’s social media post or sending them a DM and getting ghosted by that brand. No response. No like or cute emoji. Nothing but silence in a time when brands and businesses live and die by the experience they give their customers. 

At HighLevel, we know how important customer experience and engagement are to your business. People want authentic connections and conversations. They want to talk directly to you and to be heard. So if you’re not talking to your prospects and customers, you’re not giving them the experience they want. 

In other words, if you aren’t engaging and nurturing your leads, you can bet real money that your competition will be happy to swoop in and steal them away from you. That’s why we’re changing how you connect and engage with your customers. 

It’s called chat marketing and your leads and customers are going to love it. 

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What is Chat Marketing or Automation Marketing?

Chat marketing/automation marketing is a digital marketing strategy that easily converts your one-to-many social media marketing into a one-to-one opportunity. It lets you quickly respond to comments and DMs by creating personalized and interactive responses in your Facebook Messenger and Instagram. 

More specifically, it lets you create automated responses to their post comments and direct messages.

And the best chat marketing solution available today is HighLevel, your all-in-one digital marketing solution. 

What Are The Benefits of Chat Marketing/Automation Marketing?

With 2.9 billion monthly active users on Facebookone-third of those using Facebook Messenger, and another 2 billion monthly active users on Instagram, it’s safe to say members of your target audience are probably scrolling through one of those sites as you read this blog. 

Chat and DM automation lets you effectively tap into those numbers, responding to your prospects and customers instantly on their phones with an impressive 80% open rate and 25% clickthrough rate, leading to a remarkable ROI of up to 600%

Implementing chat automation into your marketing lets you capture better-qualified leads and improve several aspects of their customer journey. 

  • Improved Customer Engagement
  • Faster Customer Support
  • Personalized Customer Experiences

With so many great benefits, it’s no wonder we added chat automation to our incredible suite of social media marketing tools and capabilities. 

How Does Chat Automation Work in HighLevel?

HighLevel’s new chat automation brings several valuable features to the digital marketing platform, allowing you to engage your prospects and customers in effective new ways. 

use cases chat automation
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Automation Triggers – Set up keyword and phrase triggers in Facebook and Instagram comments to ensure you respond to the most relevant interactions with automated responses.

Messenger Actions – Create engaging direct messages (DMs) using pre-made templates or custom messages that include Call, Open Website, or Perform Action buttons.

Comment Response – Respond to comments directly using one of several pre-written custom replies while liking the comment automatically. 

Document Your Interactions – Track your interactions based on comments and DMs on the Conversations page, including which action buttons were sent and tapped by the contact.

In addition to these new actions, our new chat and messaging automation lets you send an automated DM to your prospects once they comment or message you. 

Also, if multiple comments are received from a contact and an automated DM has yet to be sent within 7 days, you can select a specific comment from the conversations page and send them a DM. 

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Improve Your Customer Engagement with HighLevel’s Chat Automation 

HighLevel’s new chat automation capabilities will change how you connect with your social media audience. You’ll create new connections and improve customer engagement by sending personalized and effective messages. 

All you have to do is set up your own chat automation workflow and assign your first triggers. Then sit back and watch the interactions come to life. 
If you need help setting up your Facebook and Instagram comment automation, check out this helpful guide or jump into the Customer Success Zoom room to implement them in your business.

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