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If you’ve ever purchased anything online, you know that shipping prices can be very inconsistent. One seller may offer free shipping while another may charge $10 for the same item.

When all you want is an accurate cost for shipping, this can quickly become a frustrating experience. 

At HighLevel, we want to help you provide a better online shopping experience for your customers. That’s why we’ve updated the Ecommerce tool to include new product information and more accurate shipping rates so you can provide the service your customers deserve. 

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Better Shipping Accuracy with Weights, Dimensions, and SKU Fields

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In ecommerce, precision is key. If customers can’t locate the product details like weight and dimensions, they’ll have a hard time choosing products that will fulfill their needs. 

That’s why we’ve updated the HighLevel Ecommerce tool to introduce essential fields for product weights and dimensions. We also added SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) details for inventory purposes.

These additions are more than extra data points. They provide a better shopping experience for your customers by streamlining your workflow. 

  • Calculate accurate shipping costs by avoiding overcharges or undercharges.
  • Manage your inventory more efficiently, reducing stockouts or overstock situations. 
  • Help your customers make informed decisions with higher satisfaction and fewer returns. 

Smarter Shipping & Delivery Rates Based on Product Weights

Shipping costs can be a pain for both you and your customers, especially if you’re wildly guessing on shipping rates. Now you can eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach and set differential shipping and delivery rates based on product weights. This makes your shipping rates more accurate and provides you with more flexibility.

  • Capture the true cost of fulfillment and avoid overcharging for lightweight items or undercharging for heavier ones.
  • Cater to local shipping costs and offer competitive shipping rates tailored to different product categories, enhancing your store’s appeal.
  • Build customer trust and encourage repeat business with transparent and fair shipping rates.
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How to Set Up Your New Ecommerce Updates 

To access your new Weights, Dimensions, and SKU fields, log into your HighLevel Ecommerce tool and follow this path:

  • Payments > Products > Create Product > Add Pricing/Variants > Pricing/Variant Page

Next, follow these steps:

  • Create a price or variant to access the new page.
  • Use the hyperlink in the product name to navigate.
  • Add weights, dimensions, and SKUs, then save your changes.

A “New” tag will appear for newly added, unsaved prices, ensuring you don’t miss any updates.

When setting up your accurate Shipping Rates, follow this path:

  • Payment > Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Add Zones > Add Rate

Next, follow these steps:

  • Define your shipping zones.
  • Set rates based on product weights within those zones.
  • Create differential pricing for multiple product weight ranges.

For example, you can offer free shipping for orders within the 0-10 kg range and charge $10 for orders above that.

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Eliminate the Guesswork and Provide a Better Customer Experience with HighLevel

HighLevel’s new Ecommerce updates were designed to help you streamline your ecommerce operations by spending less time managing logistics and more time growing your business. 

This not only leads to better profits but also creates happier customers. 

To learn more about how these Ecommerce updates can help you build a better online store, drop into our Client Success Zoom Room. Our trusted HighLevel experts are here to guide you through the updates and help you harness the full potential of your online store.

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