Top 5 Events for Marketers in 2024

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Let’s talk about events—those awesome opportunities to level up your skills, make new connections, and just have a good time! In the second half of 2024, the marketing world is buzzing with excitement as some of its best events are lining up. 

In this blog, we’re diving into the cream of the crop—the top marketing events you won’t want to miss. From conferences to workshops, we’ll cover it all. So get your calendars out and let’s jump right in!


Location: Seattle, Washington.

Date: June 3 – 4, 2024.

Ideal for: professionals in SEO, search marketing, mobile, conversion optimization, and local search.

If you’re interested in SEO, then this is your conference! Hosted by Moz, a leading authority in the SEO industry, this conference attracts a diverse audience of marketers, SEO professionals, business owners, and anyone looking to expand their knowledge in digital marketing.

MozCon features a rich lineup of industry-leading experts, thought leaders, and practitioners who share their insights, strategies, and success stories across various aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, content marketing, social media, and more.

Attending this conference will provide you with tactics and techniques you can apply in your day-to-day to improve your online visibility, increase your website traffic, and achieve better results in your digital marketing efforts. 

Not only that, if you’re looking for more in-depth information, MozCon offers optional pre-conference workshops and training sessions where attendees can dive deep into specific topics, gain hands-on experience, and learn from experts in a more intimate setting.


Date: Sept 10-12, 2024

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Ideal for: Content marketers looking to master their craft and build lasting connections with industry professionals.

If you’re interested in elevating your marketing strategies to new heights through the power of artificial intelligence, then mark your calendar for MAICON (Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference).

At MAICON, you’ll gain first-hand information that will help you discover how AI can improve your email campaigns, SEO efforts, ad buying, automation, and content strategy. 


Location: Boston, Massachusetts.

Date: September 18 – 20, 2024

Ideal for: Marketing and sales professionals, including those in leadership roles and those seeking innovative insights.

While this conference is hosted by HubSpot, a leading provider of inbound marketing and sales software, it actually attracts a pretty diverse audience outside of the inbound marketing sphere.

INBOUND lets you choose from a wide range of educational sessions, workshops, and breakout sessions covering various aspects of inbound marketing, sales, customer success, and business growth. 

These sessions and workshops feature a lineup of world-class keynote speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts who share their insights, experiences, and perspectives on topics ranging from marketing and sales to leadership and entrepreneurship.

Finally, since it’s hosted by HubSpot, the conference also offers optional training and certification courses for attendees interested in learning how to leverage their platform to drive better results.

Content Marketing World

Dates: October 21-23, 2024

Location: San Diego, CA

Ideal for: marketing and sales professionals, including those in leadership roles and those seeking innovative insights.

Content Marketing World is the largest four-day content event in the world and one of the only marketing events that focuses exclusively on content marketing. 

It’s where professionals converge to refine strategies, explore real-world case studies, and connect with top industry minds. 

With a focus on community and over 100 sessions led by industry leaders, it’s an invaluable opportunity for anyone serious about elevating their content game. If you’re passionate about content marketing, this is where you need to be!

The HighLevel Summit

Highlevel summit date

Location: Dallas, Texas

Date: October 21st – 24th, 2024

Ideal for: marketing agency owners, consultants, sales professionals, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs. There’s something for everyone!

To close out, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to mention The HighLevel Summit. Hosted every year, this conference features a lineup of industry experts, agency owners, and successful entrepreneurs who share their insights, strategies, and success stories in marketing automation, agency growth, and client acquisition.

With its high-energy atmosphere, motivational speeches, and success stories from fellow attendees, the conference has an environment that inspires and motivates attendees to take action and achieve their business goals. It also provides many opportunities for attendees to connect, network, and collaborate with like-minded professionals, industry experts, and potential partners!

In summary, the HighLevel Summit is essential for marketers looking to level up their operations and results. If you’re interested in learning more about it, click here!

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