The Top Keap Alternative for Agencies and Consultants 

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With 6,000 customers, Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, can be a solid option, especially for businesses with a large email list and/or sell digital products.

However, between a steep learning curve, no white label functionality, and a hefty price tag, it is not the best fit for every business, especially agencies.

In this post, we’re taking a closer look at a potential Keap alternative for agencies and consultants. 

Ease of Use 

While Keap has a solid product, especially if you have a large email list (~25k subscribers) and are selling digital products, it is notorious for its steep learning curve. In particular, their campaign builder, tagging system, and automation engine are dense and complex. You need to devote a lot of time not only to learn what everything does but also to set it up in a way that works for your business. 

You’ll also need to spend time integrating Keap with all of the other tools you are using, like ClickFunnels, SendinBlue, etc. 

This is in direct contrast to the Kanban-like flow interface in HighLevel. HighLevel’s UX is designed to be simple and streamline leads through multiple channels, including email, ads, calls, and texts. In fact, many HighLevel customers are able to save a ton of money by canceling other software, like ClickFunnels, that they no longer need after switching. 

Keap has also experienced some trouble with customer service. Customers complain online—be it through review sites and social media—about customer support not listening to their questions and simply punting them off to Keap partners.  

In fact, in January 2019, InfusionSoft went through a full rebrand and changed its name to “Keap” in part to shift customers’ perceptions. Every company has to deal with customer complaints and it has been particularly challenging for their brand, but strides have been taken and many issues have been resolved.

White-label functionality 

If you need white-label functionality, you won’t find it on Keap. They don’t allow it at all.

This is in direct contrast to HighLevel, which is designed to be white-labeled. In fact, our internal motto is “it’s not about our logo; it’s about yours.” 

This means you can create a “SaaS-like revenue stream” in your agency. You have the ability to customize the menu items, pricing plans, CSS, and Javascript, all within HighLevel’s drag-and-drop interface.  We’ll also automatically create new customer accounts whenever someone signs up with the corresponding permission settings based on the pricing plan(s) you configured. 


Agency focused

Arguably, the biggest difference is that HighLevel is built specifically for agencies and consultants, and Keap isn’t. 

Keap is designed for companies that sell digital products with big marketing budgets. Similar to HubSpot, they have a large partner program in large part due to how complex the software is. 

Instead of making the software more accessible for their customers, they rely on and outsource a lot of the account migration and customization to their certified partners. For instance, when a new customer wants to set something up a certain way, their customer support team refers them to their partner marketplace instead of trying to understand and solve the problem. This means that if you are on Keap, you either need to have the technical resources in-house or a sizable budget to hire a certified Keap partner to make it your own. 

On the other hand, HighLevel simplifies everything for agencies. Every single feature is designed through the lens of what an agency needs. And, you don’t need to sacrifice months of time on a custom migration or spend tens of thousands of dollars to get everything configured. 

In fact, HighLevel has award-winning customer support and even offers concierge migration services. 

In fact, as of April 2022, more than 15,000+ agencies are using HighLevel to increase client campaign performance, reduce costs, decrease churn, and add an additional SaaS-like revenue stream.  

For example, Joe Rare said in the HighLevel Facebook group, “I’m Pumped. I just canceled my last group of client accounts from Infusionsoft (Keap), including my own that I’ve had for 10 years.

I am finally free! From over $10,000/mo in client bills to just my HighLevel agency and white label bill. What a difference… time for a vacation.” 

Ready to supercharge your agency with HighLevel? 

The bottom line is that Keap is an excellent choice if you have a large email list (25,000+ subscribers), sell primarily digital products, and have a large in-house marketing operations team to customize and manage it for you.

However, if you can’t justify spending thousands per month, don’t have dedicated internal resources solely focused on Keap management, and/or are looking for white-label functionality, then you’d be better off using HighLevel. 

If you are an agency and are ready to try HighLevel, get started with a 14-day free trial here.