The Top Kartra Alternative for Agencies and Consultants

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Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform catering to the diverse needs of online businesses, boasting marketing automation tools, lead generation forms, and unlimited landing pages. 

Marketed as a powerful all-in-one software requiring no plugins or integrations, Kartra has steadily become a top player in this space, but is it the best option? 

Well, up next, we’ll dive head-first into this subject, while exploring some Kartra alternatives and figuring out which one offers the best bang for your buck! 

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How Kartra Got Started

Founded with a vision to simplify online business operations, Kartra quickly gained traction among agencies seeking a streamlined approach to digital content creation, empowering agency owners to effortlessly develop websites, landing pages, sales funnels, and email marketing campaigns. The inclusion of a built-in CRM, along with seamless integrations with Stripe and PayPal, further positioned Kartra as a go-to platform for online entrepreneurs.

Kartra’s Features

Kartra boasts an array of features tailored to the needs of digital agencies and online businesses. Let’s take a look at them:

  • All-in-One Platform: Kartra provides a seamless all-in-one solution for online businesses, offering everything from marketing automation tools to lead generation forms and unlimited landing pages.
  • Marketing Automation: With Kartra, automate your marketing tasks effortlessly, including email campaigns, sales funnels, and customer follow-ups, saving you time and effort.
  • Built-in CRM: Kartra comes equipped with a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, allowing you to efficiently organize and manage your contacts in one centralized platform.
  • Payment Integration: It also integrates with popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, enabling secure and hassle-free collection of customer payments directly within Kartra.

Downsides of Using Kartra

While Kartra does boast some very cool features, it doesn’t come without its limitations. 

Some users have reported challenges with customization and scalability, particularly as their businesses grow. Additionally, while Kartra offers an all-in-one solution, some agencies may find the platform’s pricing structure less competitive compared to alternatives in the market.

Exploring Kartra Alternatives

Fortunately, the landscape of software tools offers a plethora of options to meet the diverse needs of digital agencies. Below, we delve into a comprehensive comparison of the top Kartra alternatives, providing insights to help you optimize your marketing efforts and make informed decisions.

HighLevel: The Ultimate Kartra Alternative for Agencies

Here’s why HighLevel stands out as the premier alternative to Kartra for agencies:

HighLevel caters specifically to agencies, ensuring it meets the unique needs and challenges of managing multiple clients and campaigns. 

With a robust CRM platform, landing page creation, affiliate management, sales funnel building, lead capture forms, and automated workflows, HighLevel offers an all-in-one solution for agencies.

In addition to essential features, HighLevel provides advanced functionalities like 2-way SMS communication, call tracking, scheduling links, social media marketing, and review management, all within the platform. This comprehensive approach takes third-party tools completely out of the picture and makes campaign tracking and communication across the business a whole lot easier.

But yeah, we get it – getting started with a completely new platform might seem pretty risky. That’s why, we’re offering a FREE 14-day trial, so you can explore HighLevel’s in-depth features at no risk. 

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For those seeking a free Kartra alternative, Podia is a pretty solid choice, particularly for online course creation. 

Podia caters to digital content creators, offering a comprehensive toolkit for marketing online courses, memberships, and digital downloads like eBooks.

Podia provides users with pre-packaged templates and step-by-step tutorials, enabling them to craft fully functional sales pages on custom domains without technical expertise. Additionally, Podia supports cost-free website and content migration, facilitating the seamless transition of existing frameworks to the Podia platform.

Best for: Content creators.

Pricing: Most Podia features are available on their forever-free plan, while premium plans offer 24/7 priority online chat support.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub serves as a holistic solution for inbound marketing, ideal for companies looking to centralize content creation, lead tracking, and optimization. 

With a myriad of features derived from the primary HubSpot CRM, the Marketing Hub simplifies administrative tasks and manual data entry while offering centralized social media management, ad tracking, and reporting tools.

Best for: Tech Startups & Enterprise Companies.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $800 per month, with additional expenses for migration and customizations potentially exceeding $50,000 in the first year.


GetResponse presents itself as a viable alternative to Kartra, particularly for ecommerce businesses, with its focus on email marketing and sales funnel building. 

Notably, GetResponse offers simplicity in its sales funnel builder features, making it appealing to non-tech-savvy marketers seeking to convert site traffic into subscribers and customers.

Best for: E-commerce Businesses

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on features and list size, starting at $15 per month.

Zoho Marketing Plus

Designed specifically for small businesses, Zoho Marketing Plus offers a comprehensive solution for omnichannel marketing and project management. The platform facilitates seamless collaboration across marketing activities and sales channels, enabling users to oversee every aspect of their campaigns from planning to execution.

Best for: Small Businesses

Pricing: Starts at $25 per month.


Omnisend caters to e-commerce businesses, positioning itself as an email marketing and SMS software solution focused on driving sales. 

With a mission to increase sales while minimizing workload, Omnisend automates email marketing and contact list segmentation, along with features like pop-ups, forms, and web push notifications.

Best for: E-commerce Businesses

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on features and list size, starting at $16 per month. stands out as a messaging automation platform designed to simplify data-driven communication, including emails, in-app messages, push notifications, and SMS messages. 

Offering flexibility in user data management, enables granular user segmentation based on personal attributes, pages viewed, and more.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $100 per month for their Essentials plan.

Best for: Tech Startups

Wrapping Up – What Should You Do?!

Alright, so here’s the deal: there are tons of options out there. Some are crazy expensive, and others are a bit more budget-friendly. 

But let’s be real, most of them seem to have something missing. Either you’re stuck trying to patch things together with external apps, or you’re shelling out big bucks every month.

But guess what? You don’t have to settle! With HighLevel, you get everything you need packed into one supercharged tool. 

And get this – you can dive right in with our 14-day free trial. No strings attached, so why wait? Give HighLevel a try today and see why agencies everywhere are making the switch!

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