The Future of Customer Conversations: Exploring HighLevel’s Conversation AI

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In a world where AI is rapidly transforming industries, HighLevel is at the forefront with its latest advancement: Conversation AI. This powerful tool leverages OpenAI’s models to understand and respond to user queries conversationally, revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers. In this blog post, we’ll explore the capabilities of Conversation AI, its use cases and benefits, and the exciting updates that are on the horizon.

Enabling Conversation AI

What is Conversation AI?

Conversation AI acts as a virtual assistant, utilizing advanced AI to provide responses, response suggestions, information, and support to users via SMS, Facebook, or Instagram. By harnessing the power of OpenAI’s models, HighLevel has created a cutting-edge tool that streamlines customer conversations and enhances the efficiency of appointment booking processes. 

Features and Capabilities:

The best use case for the Conversation AI bot is to make your appointment booking workflows seamless for you and your client’s businesses. It guides customers through a conversation flow, qualifies them, and can get them booked onto your booking calendar without any necessary clicking or typing on your end. Here’s how – 

  • Calendar Integration: With Conversation AI, you have the flexibility to choose any calendar from a location. The bot will automatically use the booking link associated with your selected calendar, making enabling/setup of this feature easy! 
  • Conversation Flow: By setting up a predefined set of questions, you can guide the bot’s conversation and qualify clients before sending out the booking link. This allows you to gather specific information from customers and ensure each conversation has its own personal touch. 
  • FAQs: Provide contextual information about your business by adding Q&As that are specific to your or your client’s business. This enables the bot to respond to and qualify customers effectively and gives it the information necessary to carry on a conversation that looks and feels as organic and human as possible. 
Bot Conversation Flow and Q&A
  • 2 Ways to Play: There are two Conversation AI modes available to users.
    • Suggestive Mode: Suggestive Mode offers message suggestions, serving as your personal assistant that anticipates your needs. You can choose to send the suggestion as is, customize it, or unleash your creativity and create your own response. This feature offers a new level of control and convenience in the face of AI-powered software. 
    • Auto-Pilot Mode: With Auto-Pilot Mode, the bot can reply to conversations on your behalf, even if you are away. This intelligent feature ensures fast responses, elevating the user experience to new heights.
Conversation AI Bot Settings - Suggestive Mode or Auto Mode

Conversation AI Pricing and Billing:

With Conversation AI, there is no need for an OpenAI API key or account – HighLevel has you covered! The pricing structure is straightforward: $0.05 cents per message, with NO upfront or recurring costs. With competitors, you might expect to pay a monthly fee on top of usage fees – so we are proud to offer a flat rate pricing that will allow users the most benefits and flexibility. 

SaaS Rebilling can also be enabled and configured with Conversations AI so there is another opportunity for SaaSpreneurs to add more revenue streams for themselves and their businesses! 

SaaS Configurator - AI Conversation Bot

Upcoming Enhancements to Conversation AI 

Phase 2:

  • Bot Testing Widget: In the next phase we’ll be releasing a Bot Testing area, giving users an open playground to test their bot and fine-tune its performance. Testing the bot will not incur any usage fees for the location, which allows users to continue to test and refine their Q&As as much as necessary. 
  • Bot Training using URLs and Website Links: this update will allow you to train the bot by feeding it website URLs so the bot optimizes its responses based on what it learns from funnels, websites, and more. 

Phase 3:

  • Audit and Review Bot Replies: HighLevel understands the importance of human oversight. In the third phase, you’ll have the ability to audit and review bot replies in conversations. By marking conversations as correct or editing responses, you can help train the bot to generate better responses in real-time, ensuring accurate and reliable customer interactions without delay or disruption. 

Benefits of Enabling Conversation AI

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The bot ensures quick and relevant replies to customer messages and provides up to 3 suggestions to choose from. This saves time for customer service teams and increases the chances of converting leads into booked appointments.
  • Improved Appointment Bookings: Conversation AI can streamline your appointment bookings by qualifying them, sharing the booking link calendar, and actually booking the appointment for you in the locations booking calendar! No more back and forth on days, times, and time zones! 
  • Customizable Responses: Through the “Customize Bot Responses” section, you can add and modify information related to your services and FAQs. This customization ensures accurate and personalized responses, enhancing your brand’s credibility and professionalism.
  • Multi-Channel Support: You can engage with customers across SMS, Facebook, and Instagram – with more platforms coming in future feature updates!! This multichannel support allows you to connect with customers on their preferred platforms, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased conversions.
  • Seamless Integration with Calendars: Conversation AI seamlessly integrates with calendars, providing a streamlined appointment booking experience. By choosing the relevant calendar from a dropdown list linked to your location, the bot can send the appropriate booking or scheduling links to customers. This integration eliminates manual efforts on your end, reduces errors, and optimizes the booking process for both businesses and customers.

Conversation AI marks a significant milestone in HighLevel’s journey in AI-powered marketing innovations. With its advanced features, customizable responses, multichannel support, and seamless calendar integration, Conversation AI offers businesses a competitive edge in customer engagement and efficiency. Like with all of our releases – there are more exciting enhancements to be on the lookout for that our team is working on as you read this blog. Stay tuned for the upcoming releases in Phases 2 and 3, as we continue to innovate and enhance the Conversation AI capabilities and our platform! Trust us, this is just the beginning… 


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