Scaling With Eliza (Recap)

Chase Buckner | Director of Product Marketing at HighLevel

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Hope you were able to make our epic webinar on Eliza but no worries if you missed it – the replay is above👆

We had an impactful session with guest panelists Brad Ferris and Bref McHugh of Clinicgrower along with Cayden Phipps and Kieran O’Brien of Shop Accelerator.

These 7-Figure agencies are scaling because of their ability to build teams that are able to engage & close new leads on behalf of their clients via the Eliza platform. 

As top advocates of Eliza, our panelists shared amazing insights into how they implement it into their business while scaling to over 200 clients.

You can learn more about Eliza in your agency account by navigating to Marketplace and selecting the Eliza tab.

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