Sales Made Simpler With HighLevel’s Prospecting Tool

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Ready to make finding and pitching your products and services to your “soon-to-be SaaS clients” much simpler?

Now you can with HighLevel’s Prospecting Tool! This new product of HighLevel allows you to search for businesses in your area and then run a scan of their digital presence.

The result?

A Marketing Audit Report showing their compatibility with HighLevel’s features and services. You can know right away…

📊 If they are SMS-enabled.
📊 If they could use “Missed-Call Text Back.”
📊 If they have a Webchat Widget.
📊 If their Google Business Chat is enabled.
📊 If they could use better or more backlinks with Yext.
📊 If they need more Google reviews.

The report will show them that these things are missing and even tell them why they should have these services! It’s like a sales sheet you can use with anyone you want.

Jump into your Agency settings and give it a try!

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