A Complete Guide to Sell Yext with HighLevel!

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A Very Lucrative Opportunity…

Did you know that agencies reaping the benefits of Yext have raked in a jaw-dropping $696,000 in new revenue within just four months?

This is a testament to how lucrative rebilling through HighLevel is. And now, we’re thrilled to unveil even more ways for you to leverage Yext and skyrocket your agency’s success!

Why Your Clients Need Yext

Picture this: Your client’s critical business information – their name, address, phone number, and operating hours – seamlessly synced across nearly a hundred major citation sources online. 

With Yext, your clients can bid farewell to the hassle of manual updates. But here’s the real kicker: Yext isn’t just about convenience – it’s a powerhouse for SEO. Search engines adore consistency, and Yext delivers just that. Plus, each listing comes with a premium backlink, giving your clients a substantial SEO boost.

HighLevel Pricing Model

Now, let’s talk numbers. 

While Yext typically commands a hefty $100/month/client, we’ve unlocked a massive bulk discount that allows us to offer it to you at an unbeatable rate of $30/month/client. Yes, you read that right – a premium service at a fraction of the cost. But wait, it gets better. You have the power to resell this integration to your clients, with a profit margin built right in.

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Three Ways to Sell Yext – Choose Your Path to Success!

1. Upsell Yext & Choose Your Profit Margin

The Yext Re-sell Configurator enables you to set a profit margin on the base price and then allow your clients to opt into the Yext Listings service (found in the Reputation section of their sub-account).

Learn more about reselling Yext with HighLevel here.

2. Include Yext In Your SaaS Plans

If you’re already a Pro plan member using SaaS Mode, you can now include Yext in your SaaS plans to increase value. Simply toggle it on in the Re-sell Configurator and the promotional Yext rate of $30/month will be added to your monthly HighLevel bill and your clients will automatically have access to Listings!

3. Include Yext In Your Agency Package

If you are not in SaaS Mode but wish to pass the cost of Yext to your client, you can now manually add Yext Listings to your client’s sub-account and the promotional Yext rate of $30/month will be added to your monthly HighLevel bill.

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The Takeaway

In summary, Yext isn’t just about helping your clients – it’s a goldmine for your agency’s earnings. By signing up clients for Yext, you’re securing a steady income stream that grows over time!

With flexible reselling options, like setting your profit margin or bundling Yext with existing plans, you have endless ways to boost your bottom line.

So, don’t miss out. Start Yext rebilling today and watch your agency’s revenue soar!

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