Release Radar: May 6th – May 10th

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this week’s Release Radar update, we’re introducing several new features, enhancements, and technical improvements across the HighLevel platform. Check the replay of our live show! OR if you’re looking for the TL;DR there’s a list below with key highlights:

Show Timestamps

  • 00:00 Welcome to HighLevel Release Radar!
  • 00:41 Navigating Streaming Challenges
  • 01:56 Diving into This Week’s Releases
  • 02:00 Showcasing the New Affiliate Manager Dashboard
  • 02:47 Conversations Update: Enhancements and Avatars
  • 03:46 Introducing Certificate Triggers and Actions
  • 05:05 Mobile App Version 3.72: Documents and Contracts
  • 06:25 Launch of Collab Mobile App: A New Era for HighLevelers
  • 09:04 API Keys and Template Library Updates
  • 10:54 Workflow Enhancements: Multi-Select for Forms and Surveys
  • 11:49 Payments Update: Buy Now Pay Later Feature
  • 13:46 Prospecting Tool Premium Plan Unveiled
  • 15:57 Revamping Industry Snapshots
  • 16:45 Revamping Guides and Community Support
  • 18:46 Enhancements in Payments and Autofill Features
  • 19:52 Streamlining Payment Methods with Stripe
  • 20:52 Google Sheets Integration and Workflow Updates
  • 22:32 Funnels and Websites: Form Editing Made Easier
  • 24:13 Builder Alert Enhancements and UI Improvements
  • 25:08 Social Planner UI Overhaul and Notifications
  • 26:10 WordPress Domain Management and Hosting Updates
  • 26:59 E-commerce Search Bar Element and Product Previews
  • 27:43 Workflow Custom Value Picker and Media Attachments
  • 28:56 Membership Analytics and UI Enhancements
  • 30:29 Future Enhancements and Exciting Updates Preview

New Features

  • Affiliate Manager: New Dashboard
  • Conversations: Automatic Link Formatting in Emails + Contact Avatar UX Improvement
  • Certificates: Certificate Triggers and Actions in Workflows
  • Mobile App v3.72: Documents and Contracts LIVE to All Users
  • New Mobile App: Kollab is Now Live on the iOS App Store (Android coming soon!)
  • Payments: Support for BNPL in Invoices
  • Prospecting Tool: Premium Plan for Agencies
  • Snapshots: New Snapshot Templates and Modal Optimizations

Feature Enhancements

  • API Keys: Last Used Details Tracking
  • Template Library: Ability to Hide Templates
  • Workflows: Multi Select for Forms, Surveys
  • Payments: Import Product Description + Improved Autofill
  • Payments: Manage Payment Methods for Stripe Accounts
  • Workflows: Lookup Multiple Google Sheet Rows
  • Workflows: In-App Feature Discoverability
  • Funnels and Websites: Edit Forms from Builder
  • Funnels and Websites: Builder Alert Enhancements
  • Social Planner: Updated UI Settings
  • Social Planner: Enhanced Notifications
  • WordPress: Improved Domain Management Flow
  • Ecommerce: Search Bar Element
  • Workflows: Media Attachment in Custom Value Picker
  • Memberships: Deleted Offers in Revenue Analytics & Post Details UI Enhancements
  • Calendars: Appointment Webhooks Now Supported

Technical Improvements

  • Email Builder Improvements
  • Memberships (Courses) Improvements
  • Workflows: Custom variable support for more fields
  • Calendars: Widget Bug Fixes
  • Payments: Database Improvements
  • Conversations AI: Workflow Action Improvements
  • Platform Infrastructure Enhancements
  • Security Enhancements

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