Release Radar: May 20th – May 24th

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this week’s Release Radar update, we’re introducing several new features, enhancements, and technical improvements across the HighLevel platform. Check the replay of our live show! OR if you’re looking for the TL;DR there’s a list below with key highlights:

Show Timestamps

  • 00:00 Welcome to the HighLevel Release Radar!
  • 01:47 Kicking Off with Affiliate Manager Updates
  • 02:51 Exploring Payments Enhancements
  • 04:51 Diving Into Opportunities and List Views
  • 05:39 Forms, Surveys, and Agency View Improvements
  • 07:36 API and LC Phone System Upgrades
  • 09:21 Dashboard and Blogging System Overhaul
  • 13:02 Membership Enhancements and Closed Beta for Ads
  • 16:08 Social Planner’s New Features
  • 17:22 Exploring New Features: Forms, Surveys, and Payments
  • 19:25 Introducing Analytics for Funnels and Websites
  • 20:29 Enhancements in Email Builder: GIF Support and Social Icons
  • 21:27 Proactive Email Deliverability Countermeasures
  • 23:05 Workflow Updates: UI Upgrades and Email Validation
  • 24:38 Community Updates: Light Mode, Dark Mode, and Customization
  • 26:15 Innovative WhatsApp Features in Workflows
  • 29:05 Exciting Upcoming Releases: Default Value Fallback and Live Chat in Communities

New Features

  • Affiliate Manager: Portal UI + Metrics + Detail Enhancements
  • Payments: Preview & Edit Invoicing Notification Emails
  • Opportunities: New List View
  • Agency View: Bulk Actions for Features and Rebilling
  • LC phone: In-app Calling for IVR
  • Blogs: New Blog Builder + SEO Enhancements
  • Memberships: Quizzes and Assignment Builder Enhancements
  • New Product: Facebook Ad Manager (Closed Beta)
  • Funnels and Websites: Analytics Tool
  • Workflows: WhatsApp Delivery Status
  • Workflows: Missed Call WhatsApp Back

Feature Enhancements

  • Payments: Support for Zero Dollar Invoices
  • Payments: Preview & Edit Invoicing Notification Emails
  • Opportunities: New List View
  • Forms & Surveys: Dynamic Terms & Conditions Element
  • Dashboards: Lost Reason Filter for Opportunity Widgets
  • Social Planner: Add Caption to a Review Post
  • Forms and Surveys: Signature Authenticity and Validation
  • Forms and Surveys: Payment Element Types
  • Email Builder: GIF Support for Video Thumbnails and Social Icons Element Enhancements
  • LC Email: Proactive Email Deliverability Countermeasures
  • Workflows: UI Upgrades + Email Validation
  • Communities: Light & Dark Mode Themes and Customizations
  • Email Builder Performance Updates (>2k Scheduled Sending Status)

Technical Improvements

  • API: Ability to Log External Calls in the CRM
  • Live Chat Search Messages API Improvements
  • Chat Widget Improvements
  • WhiteLabel Mobile Push Notification Improvements
  • Social Planner APIs Enhancements
  • GHL Text-Editor Enhancements
  • Email Builder Improvements
  • Calendar Improvements
  • Platform Infrastructure Enhancements
  • Security Enhancements

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