Release Radar: March 25th – March 29th

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In this week’s Release Radar update, we’re introducing several new features, enhancements, and technical improvements across the HighLevel platform. Check the replay of our live show! OR if you’re looking for the TLDR, there’s a list below with key highlights:

New Features

  • Mobile Payments: Taxes and Discounts on POS 
  • Communities: Support for custom js/CSS/HTML + Leaderboard UI Enhancement
  • Forms and Surveys: Email Verification
  • In-App Sub-Account Transfers
  • Forms and Surveys: Opportunities Custom Fields
  • App Marketplace: Ability to Review and Rate Marketplace Apps
  • App Marketplace: Developers Sandbox Account
  • App Marketplace: App Dashboard & Metrics
  • App Marketplace: Tiered Pricing for Agency & Sub-Accounts
  • LC Email: New Email Campaign Statistics Dashboard
  • Courses: Course Comment Notifications

Feature Enhancements

  • Forms and Surveys: New Date Formats Support
  • Documents and Contracts: Customizable Email Subject
  • Payments: Customized Data Pre-filling Support for Payment Links
  • Mobile App: Enhanced Designs for Email, SMS, and WhatsApp Snippets
  • Mobile Payments: View Invoice and Download Receipt
  • Funnels and Websites: Custom Field and Value Picker
  • SaaS: Updated UI for Manage Client
  • Calendars: Reschedule Widget
  • IVR: Match Conditions for IVR Gather Input Action
  • Opportunities: Streamlined Access to Opportunity ID and Audit Logs
  • Courses: Custom Values in Certificate Builder and Preview
  • Email Builder: Media Thumbnail Support in RSS Feeds
  • CloudFlare Migration: Agency API Domain and Branded Domains

Technical Improvements

  • Funnels and Websites: Role-Based Access Control and Standardized Funnel Stats API Endpoints
  • Security:
    • Auto-SSL Security Enhancements
    • DDoS Protection Enhancements 
  • Onboarding: Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Social Planner: Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Platform: Text-Editor Enhancements

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