Release Radar: April 22nd – April 26th

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In this week’s Release Radar update, we’re introducing several new features, enhancements, and technical improvements across the HighLevel platform. Check the replay of our live show! OR if you’re looking for the TL;DR there’s a list below with key highlights:

Show Timestamps

  • 00:00 Welcome to the HighLevel Release Radar!
  • 00:05 Celebrating Chase’s Birthday and the AI Webinar
  • 00:38 Engaging with the Community Live
  • 02:10 Diving into This Week’s Releases
  • 02:25 Exploring Affiliate Manager Updates
  • 03:29 Advancements in Documents and Contracts
  • 04:21 Enhancing Workflows with New Actions and Features
  • 08:14 Introducing Call Transcriptions and Insights
  • 11:27 Developers’ Corner: Marketplace Webhooks and More
  • 12:16 Mobile App Enhancements: Payments and AI Support
  • 15:00 Calendar and App Marketplace Updates
  • 16:19 Looking Ahead: Internal Chat System and Domain Management
  • 18:34 Community Questions and Future Features
  • 20:43 Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

New Features

  • Affiliate Manager: Setup Fee in Commissions
  • Documents and Contracts: Set Signing Order for Recipients
  • Workflows : Added IVR End Call Action
  • Workflows: Custom Code Action
  • Workflows: GPT 4 Turbo Model Added to Workflow AI Action
  • LC Phone: Call Transcriptions
  • Dashboards: Snapshot Support for Dashboard
  • Mobile Payments: Multiple Payment Methods
  • Mobile Payments: Record Payment for Invoice

Feature Enhancements

  • Workflows: Pagination and New Creation Flow
  • LC Email Events Available in Marketplace Webhooks
  • Mobile App: Conversation AI Support
  • Calendars: Audit Logs for Calendar Settings
  • App Marketplace: Ability to Delete Conversation Providers
  • Conversations: Notes and Task Management UI Refresh

Technical Improvements

  • Role-Based Access Control Enhancements (coming soon to all sub-accounts)
  • API Signature Enahnacements
  • LC Phone Enhancements
  • Platform Infrastructure Enhancements

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