Release Radar: April 1st – April 5th

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In this week’s Release Radar update, we’re introducing several new features, enhancements, and technical improvements across the HighLevel platform. Check the replay of our live show! OR if you’re looking for the TL;DR there’s a list below with key highlights:

New Features

  • Workflows: Automate Contact Follower Management
  • Calendars: Partial Payments
  • Funnels and Websites: One-Click Migration to CloudFlare (Custom Hostnames) 
  • Conversations + Workflows: FB & IG Comment and DM Automation on Reply
  • E-Commerce: Shipping & Delivery Rates In Stores
  • Workflows: New Subscription Trigger
  • Workflows: Payment Refund Trigger
  • Courses: Kajabi Email Template Importer

Feature Enhancements

  • Conversations: UI Enhancements for WhatsApp, FB, and IG
  • Funnels and Websites: Support for Subscript and Superscript in Text Editor
  • Calendars: Pre & Post Buffer Enhancement
  • Conversations: Capture Contact Details via Live Chat Message
  • Communities: Search Members by Email + Leaderboard Enhancements
  • Documents and Contracts: Document Management within Contact Detail View
  • CRM: Time Zone and Date/Time Format Standardization
  • Workflows: GPT Powered by OpenAI Upgrade

Technical Improvements

  • API: Get Message by Message Id and Get Email by Email Id API Available for OAUTH channel 
  • Template Builder: Enhanced Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes for:
    • Calendar
    • Conversations
    • CRM
    • Social Planner  
  • Security Enhancements for:
  • RBAC Middleware in:
    • APIs
    • Tipalti Integration
    • Payments
  • Platform Infrastructure Enhancements

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