Quick & Easy Wins With HighLevel: SMS

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“Text us!”… who says that? 

Not that many businesses even give you that option. 

US adults spend 88% of their time on their smartphones. The average open rate for an SMS campaign is as high as 98%, while email rings at just 20%. 

Response rates are also much higher with SMS!

As a result, agencies and businesses that text their customers are much more successful at capturing new leads and nurturing existing ones. One reason is that texting gives you a direct route to the recipient and notifies them right away.

HighLevel lets you set up a new number for your agency and your clients and manage conversations all within the platform. Just select the number you want, with your desired area code, and then set up forwarding to your main business number.

And just like that, you just made a ton of potential “busy” customers really happy!

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