New Ways To Sell Yext!

Chase Buckner | Director of Product Marketing at HighLevel

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Did you know that in just four months agencies that are rebilling Yext earned $696,000 in new revenue?

We’re excited to announce that we have opened up even more ways to leverage Yext for your clients!

If you’re not familiar with Yext, the Yext Listings integration in HighLevel enables your clients to enter all their critical business information like Name, Address, Phone Number, and hours into one place and Yext automatically pushes that data out nearly one hundred of the major citation sources across the Internet.

It’s an incredible time saver for when your clients need to update things like a phone number or their business hours, which happens more frequently than most would realize. Yext is also great for SEO because search engines love to see consistent business information across different directories AND each listing usually comes with a backlink so you typically see an SEO boost when you activate Yext for a client.

Yext normally costs $100 dollars/month/client but because we receive a massive bulk discount, we’re able to pass the savings on to you by enabling you to activate Yext for $30/month/client and you then have the option to resell the integration to your client with a profit margin built in.

Agencies love Yext! In fact, in the past four months, we’ve seen the adoption rate of the Yext integration increase by a rate of 20% month-over-month!

In HighLevel there are now three ways to sell Yext:

Method 1: Upsell Yext & Choose Your Profit Margin

The Yext Re-sell Configurator enables you to set a profit margin on the base price and then allow your clients to opt-into the Yext Listings service (found in the Reputation section of their sub-account).

Learn more about reselling Yext with HighLevel here.

Method 2: Include Yext In Your SaaS Plans

If you’re already a Pro plan member using SaaS Mode, you can now include Yext in your SaaS plans to increase value. Simply toggle it on in the Re-sell Configurator and the promotional Yext rate of $30/month will be added to your monthly HighLevel bill and your clients will automatically have access to Listings!

Learn more about how to include Yext in your SaaS Mode plans here.

Method 3: Include Yext In Your Agency Package (outside of SaaS Mode)

If you are not in SaaS Mode but wish to cost of Yext for you client, you can now manually add Yext Listings to your client’s sub-account and the promotional Yext rate of $30/month will be added to your monthly HighLevel bill.

Learn more about how to add Yext Listings to your Agency Package here.

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