LevelUp Day 2023: The Feature Drop We’ve All Been Waiting For

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LevelUp Day 2023 brought a massive amount of new features, enhancements, and game-changing updates to HighLevel. From SaaS to E-commerce, Email Builder to Prospect Tools, and everything in between, we’re thrilled to introduce a whole new world of possibilities to empower your businesses and streamline your processes. 

Read through all the updates below or watch the replay!

SaaS Revolution

HighLevel introduces more flexibility with the ability for agencies to customize welcome emails when SaaS locations sign up. Now, agencies can create up to 20 SaaS plans with specific user and contact limits for each location, streamlining their SaaS management.

– Customizable Welcome Emails for SaaS Locations

– Create Up to 20 SaaS Plans (Learn more here)

– User and Contact Limits for SaaS Locations

Mobile Marvels

The mobile experience gets even better with features like warm and blind call transfers, Google sign-in, scheduled SMS emails, WhatsApp integration, and more. Additionally, the task manager, tap-to-pay functionality, and app customizer provide a smoother and more user-friendly mobile experience.

– Warm and Blind Call Transfers

– Sign In with Google

– Schedule SMS Emails

– WhatsApp Integration on Mobile (Learn more here)

– Introducing the Task Manager

– Tap to Pay Convenience (Learn more here)

– White Label App Customizer and In-App Download Links

WhatsApp is here!

You can now generate whatsapp.me link and QR code for your linked WhatsApp number.

– Web & Mobile App + Reselling

– WhatsApp QR code and link

– WhatsApp Number Validation & other features

Advanced Features for Communities and Courses 

Communities now support paid groups, and courses can be seamlessly integrated into communities. A new certificate integration and a brand-new certificate product enhance the courses feature.

– Load Optimizations and New UI

– Unlocking Communities with Paid Groups (Learn more here)

– Courses in Communities for Enhanced Learning (Learn more here)

– Revolutionizing Courses with Certificate Integration and a Brand New Certificate Product

– Unveiling the Client Portal with a Dashboard and App Figma Reveal (Learn more here)

Seamless Scheduling in Calendars

Your scheduling and booking process is further streamlined with a new service menu, the ability to book rooms and equipment, and Apple Calendar integration. Calendar overlay makes managing your appointments a breeze.

– Service Menu Integration (Learn more here)

– Booking Rooms and Equipment (Learn more here)

– Apple Calendar Integration (Learn more here)

– Calendar Overlay for Comprehensive Scheduling (Learn more here)

Revolutionizing Funnels & Websites: Speed, Style, and More!

Funnels and websites get a major speed boost, while image sliders, video backgrounds, and lead generation from hosted videos elevate your website’s aesthetics and functionality. The new builder includes improved rich text editing and the introduction of domain connections.

– E-commerce – Elevating Online Shopping Experiences

– Turbocharged Speed Improvements for Mobile and Websites (Learn more here)

– Captivating Image Sliders

– Mesmerizing Video Backgrounds

– Unleashing Lead Generation from Hosted Videos

– Enhancing Social Media Elements

– Versatile Column Modes in the New Builder

– Refined Rich Text Editing

– Seamless Domain Connect for Funnels and Websites

– Typography Preview in Builders

 Elevating Forms and Surveys

Forms and surveys are more flexible with conditional logic, themes, and a bottom bar for a more interactive user experience. Expect streamlined elements like short labels, terms and conditions, and support for Google fonts and GDPR-compliant fonts.

– Introducing Conditional Logic in Forms

– A Fresh Look with Form and Survey Themes

– New Bottom Bar in Surveys

– Streamlined Short Label and T&C Elements

– Google Fonts and GDPR-Compliant Fonts in Forms and Surveys

E-commerce Excellence

HighLevel empowers you to set up an e-commerce store within your website, with enhanced payment options including ACH bank transfers. QuickBooks integration, templates for invoices, and automation of invoice creation post-proposal signing streamline your financial operations.

– Setting Up an e-commerce store within Websites

– Streamlined Payments

– ACH Bank Transfer Payments on Invoices

– Fine-Tuned E-commerce Product Changes

– QuickBooks Integration for Streamlined Financials

– Templates for Invoices

– Automatic Invoice Creation after Proposal Sign-Off

– Multi-Recipient Signature Support

– Document Sent/Signed Trigger

– Send Proposal/Estimate Actions Inside Workflows

Improved Chat Widget 

– LIVE Chat is now available

– Chat Widget Internationalization

Contact & Opportunities Redefined 

Managing contacts and opportunities is even more versatile with OR filters for contact smart lists, advanced custom field filters for opportunities, and the ability to assign multiple users to an opportunity. Multiple contact types and bulk email validation further enhance your contact management.

– Introducing OR Filters for Contact Smartlists (Learn more here)

– Advanced Filters with Custom Fields for Opportunities (Learn more here)

– Assigning Multiple Users to Opportunities (Followers)

– Expanding the Range of Contact Types (Learn more here)

– Streamlining Bulk Email Validation

– Efficient Contact Document Management

Streamlining Conversations & Integrations 

Tracking activities, UI enhancements, and enhanced email threading view take conversations to the next level. The new live chat feature offers video support on SMS and email, while integrations and marketplace improvements enhance your app experience.

– Improved Activity Tracking

– Right Panel Quick Actions and UI Enhancements

– Enhanced Email Thread Views

– Tracking Contact Engagement Scores

– Live Chat with SMS and Email Video Support

– Enhanced Marketplace for Viewing, Installing, and Setting App Permissions

– A Marketplace Billing and Payment System

– Developing an App Marketplace for Custom Pages

– Flexible App Pricing Plans

– Your Choice: Inside or Outside HighLevel Payments

– Exploring the World of Paid Apps and Reselling Marketplace Apps

– Adding Custom JS and CSS in the App Marketplace

– Simplifying Login with Single Sign-On (SSO)

– LinkedIn Integration for Enhanced Networking (Learn more here)

Work Smarter with Workflows 

A range of workflow enhancements includes contactless workflows via Zapier, workflow duplication, a revamped workflow builder UI, and the introduction of IVR and conversation AI.

– Contactless Workflows via Zapier

– Workflow Duplication Across Locations (Learn more here)

– A Refreshed Workflow Builder UI

– Introducing IVR (Learn more here)

– The Power of Conversation AI

Enhance Your Automation Arsenal 

Copy contacts and new array functions for finding data add versatility to your available premium triggers and actions.

– Copying Contacts

– Introducing Array Functions (Find)

Introducing Workflow Marketplace

HighLevel introduces a workflow marketplace for custom triggers and actions, allowing users to explore and use a range of automation options.

– Exploring Custom Triggers & Actions

LC Email Enhancements

Dedicated IPs for reselling, seamless domain connections, bulk email verification, and control over email verification features at sub-account levels provide more control and security in your email communications.

– Dedicated IP with Reselling Options

– Seamless Domain Connections

– Bulk Email Verification for Enhanced Deliverability

– Email Verification Feature Control at Sub-Account Levels

Robust Reporting

Customizable dashboards and reports empower users to tailor their analytics experience. Multiple dashboards and reports add depth to your data insights.

– Fully Customizable Dashboards with Multiple Options (Learn more here)

– Tailored Reports with Multiple Variations

Reputation Management Upgrades 

Review widgets and AI-powered reviews with auto-responses and suggestive responses make reputation management more effective. Connect multiple GMB pages to streamline your online presence.

– Enhanced Review Widgets

– AI-Powered Reviews for Quick Responses and Suggestions

– More Versatile Review Request Options

Online Listings Advancements

HighLevel extends Yext support to the UK, Canada, and Australia, allowing you to edit listing information directly within the app.

– Expanding Yext Support to the UK, Canada, and Australia

– Directly Editing Listing Information In-App

WordPress Site Management Made Easy 

A comprehensive analytics dashboard, staging environments, debugging tools, database management with phpMyAdmin, user-initiated manual backups, and more empower WordPress users to have better control and insights into their websites.

– Comprehensive Analytics and Visitor Reports

– Staging Environments and Debugging

– Efficient Database Management with phpMyAdmin

– User-Initiated Manual Backups

Supercharged Prospect Tools

Enhancements in prospect search, including more data points and checks for GBP claim status and chat widget activation, assist users in their prospecting efforts. 

– A Redesigned Prospect Search Page with Enhanced Data Points

– Assessing GBP Claim Status

– Verifying Chat Widget Status

– Tracking Review Response Rates

– Assessing Conversion Rates

– Upgrading Marketing Audit Reports

Effortless Email Creation 

A versatile email builder introduces layout options, FAQ elements, saved elements, product elements, and support for multiple tags and smartlists. 

– Enhanced Layout Options,

– FAQ Elements,

– Saved Elements

– Product Elements

Streamlining SMM 

Image editing capabilities, review management, and image AI support elevate your social planning and media library experience.

– Post Customisation

– Recurring Posts

– Create Posts with RSS

– Tags & Categories

– Enhanced Image Editing

– Streamlined Review Management

Manage Affiliates like a Pro 

Manage your affiliates with two-tier commission structures, coupon code support, manual lead creation, and module renaming options.

– Two-Tier Commission Structures and Coupon Codes for Affiliates (Learn more here)

– Manual Lead Creation and Module Renaming (Learn more here)

Templates by Users, for Users 

– Users can now create and add their own templates for funnels, websites, email builders, forms, surveys, and social planner, offering greater customization and efficiency. 

– User-generated templates for Funnels, Websites, Email Builders, Forms, Surveys, and Social Planner

Enrich your content with Content AI 

– Enhance your content with options to improve writing, fix spelling and grammar, simplify writing, make longer and make shorter.

– Describe what you want to create with Image AI.

The Power of Conversation AI 

– Web URLs

– Web Chat to SMS

– Direct Appointment Booking and Support Intent

– Conversation AI X Workflow

The HighLevel Certification Program

Do you think of yourself as a HighLevel Specialist, or are you looking to become one? Show off your skills with HighLevel Certifications by earning your HighLevel Certified Admin Badge to unlock advanced content of all platform features and products and is designed to expedite success with the 5-Day challenge, SaaSPRENEUR Local Hero Playbook, and Lead Gen Playbook.

  • Earn badges to display on your socials
  • Be included in our Admin Directory and our private community
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits like early access to features, early ticket sales for events, and more!

Learn more about The HighLevel Certification Program here!

The Content Army

Ready to get paid to make great content for the HighLevel community? Join the Content Army, where we run paid contests for new content. Get paid just to participate!

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And More To Come…

With these LevelUp Day updates, we’re unlocking new potential and setting the stage for your continued success. These updates represent an exciting step forward in the HighLevel platform, providing users with powerful tools to enhance their businesses and marketing strategies.

The future is bright, and these features are just the beginning of what HighLevel has to offer. Stay tuned for updates on our changelog as we roll out more exciting updates to help you achieve your business goals. Thank you for being part of the HighLevel community, and we can’t wait to see the incredible ways you’ll use these new tools to grow and thrive.


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