Image AI Now Live in Funnels, Websites, & the Media Library!

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The power of AI continues! ⇡🦾 ⇡

Now you can use AI to generate images in more places in the app! 🙌

What’s New?

Image AI Integration in Funnels and Websites:
Our platform now offers a diverse range of customizable templates, including hero images, banners, and product images, all powered by AI. Tailor these templates to align with your branding and messaging requirements, and our platform will generate a unique image optimized for maximum visual impact.

Media Library Enhancements:
Thanks to Image AI, the Media Library now allows you to generate images directly within its interface. Simply specify your needs; our image AI will create unique and tailored visuals. These AI-generated images are automatically stored in the Media Library’s dedicated “Content AI” folder for easy access and organization.

Expanded Image Style Options:
When generating personalized images, you now have the freedom to choose from three distinct image styles: Photography, Digital Art, and Fine Art. This expanded range of options empowers you to customize your visuals precisely to your specifications.

Benefits of HighLevel’s New Image AI Capabilities

1. Enhanced visual appeal: The AI-generated images add a level of personalization and visual appeal to the website or funnel, making it more attractive to users.

2. Improved engagement: Personalized images are proven to increase user engagement and audience reach.

3. Easy organization: The Media Library provides a centralized location for users to store and organize their files, including AI-generated images and other media assets.

For more info, here is “Shaun comin at ya from HighLevel!”

Wanna go really deep? Review our release notes here 👉


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