How To Turn 70% Of Your Affiliate Leads Into Paying Customers!

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Did you know HighLevel affiliate leads who attend a simple onboarding session with our success team are 70% more likely to turn into paying customers? 

This means more money in your pocket with minimal work. You just need to educate your leads on the resources made available to them when they sign up! The trick is getting them to hop on a 60-minute call with our Success team. 

Here’s how the onboarding session works for new affiliate leads. 

As soon as someone signs up, they receive a welcome email and a text from their Customer Success Representative to schedule an onboarding session or with the click of a button, you can instantly join our Customer Success Team Zoom Room, where the team is waiting to onboard your clients ON DEMAND! 

What all is in these onboarding sessions? Our team begins to build the fundamentals of the relationship and journey to success by learning what their goals are with HighLevel along with the following,

  • Tour the software features to get the client familiarized and comfortable with navigating
  • Built-in basic setup of the landing page, opt-in form, thank you page, automations, and more! 
  • Demonstrate and test workflows to start receiving leads
  • Demonstrate built-in Sales Pipeline and how to leverage best practices
  • Set up tech such as (Twilio, Mailgun, Stripe, Paypal, Domains, Google, and more….)
  • Help upload the existing list of contacts 
  • Scheduler / Calendar Setup 
  • Whitelabel Desktop App Setup
  • Reputation Management
  • And more… 

For advanced setup and consulting with an expert (Ex: Complex workflows, strategy, advanced integrations, migrations etc), you can find our Advanced Setup Service in Marketplace for ($1000). 

Ready to get started or not sure who your existing Customer Success Representative is, join the Customer Success Team Zoom Room and they would be happy to assist. Customer Success Team Zoom Room 

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