AI in HighLevel: How Our Community is Implementing AI Technology

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A lot has been said already about how implementing AI technology can benefit your agency, how it is impacting the digital marketing industry, what capabilities are presented by this technology, and how it has been integrated into HighLevel’s all-in-one sales and marketing platform. 

Yet, here we are writing another blog about it, because we believe there is still more to be said! 

By now, you probably have a great understanding of what you can accomplish with the help of AI technology and may already be utilizing it in your agency. If so, you’re in great company, as a lot of marketers and agency owners have begun diving in and discovering revolutionary new ways to use this technology to their advantage as well. 

Instead of going over all the general ways that AI can be used, we wanted to take a look at how HighLevel users specifically are implementing this technology. We combed through numerous posts in our exclusive HighLevel Facebook community to gather a list of the most popular use cases, which we have summarized here. 

While we may not provide a deep dive into the specifics of how to accomplish each of them, know that if you decide to get started with HighLevel, this community is full of experts who are willing to share their knowledge with you. Take a look at what they’ve been working on, sign up for a free trial of HighLevel, and see what AI solutions you can come up with as well! 


One of the most common AI-powered solutions that HighLevel users have been pursuing and implementing on the platform involves creating chatbots that behave and respond similarly to ChatGPT. These chatbots help alleviate the manual labor of communicating with leads by automating responses in conversations on several platforms, such as social media profiles and websites.

Currently, users have been accomplishing this by combining HighLevel automation functionalities with other tools such as OpenAI and Zapier. However, this combination won’t be necessary for very long, as we will be introducing our own AI-powered chatbot very soon! 

We have seen many variations of these solutions throughout our community, and are excited to see how HighLevel users continue to implement and improve upon their creations! 

Defining Audiences

Another way that we have seen AI technology utilized in the HighLevel community is by defining audiences. In ad campaigns and email marketing, it is essential to know who your target audience or ideal customer is. AI can help narrow down demographic parameters that will boost your campaign success by ensuring your ads and emails are being served to the right consumers. 


An extremely common use for AI technology is enhancing the copywriting process. Many marketers and agency owners have been doing this for quite some time, and the HighLevel community is no exception. 

By simply providing a prompt that details the specifics of what you are looking for, AI can quickly write quality pieces of content for emails, social posts, web pages, and more. This cuts down on the extensive amount of time copy production has taken in the past, as users now only need to review and revise the content output. 

Want to learn more about how to write prompts that produce the best copy results? Check out our recent blog about this! 

Boosting Conversion Rates

Many marketers within our HighLevel community are taking the copywriting functionalities of AI a step further by having this technology write high-value headlines, subject lines, CTAs, and ad copy. 

By utilizing AI to create these aspects of their campaigns, they are taking advantage of the technology’s knowledge of user behavior and market trends to boost open, click, and conversion rates. Instead of manually researching and performing multiple split tests to determine which versions would create the best results, AI does the hard work for you. 

Improving Funnel Aesthetics

In the past, many aesthetic changes to funnels and websites would need to be created within the coding. This required marketers to have a knowledge of how to code or outsource this work to someone instead. 

Now, even though some of these aspects still need to be coded, many users within the HighLevel community have discovered that they no longer need to know how to write this code, as AI can do it for them. Empowered by this technology, they have been able to create gradient headlines, apply gradient borders, add a subtle glow effect to different elements, or even create simple animations, all without coding any of it themselves. 

Building Workflows

To beginner marketers (and even to some seasoned pros), workflows can be confusing to build out. There are many potential steps, variables, triggers, and more, and sometimes multiple ways to achieve the results you are looking for. 

Because of this, some members of our community have begun utilizing AI to assist with building workflows. By providing specifics on what their goals are, they have received valuable output from the technology that acts as a guide on what needs to be built in order to achieve successful outcomes. This often saves them a tremendous amount of time and effort because it can prevent the need to test, refine, rebuild, and test again. 

How Will You Start Implementing AI Technology?

With possibilities as numerous as there are stars in the sky, it can get overwhelming trying to figure out how to start implementing AI technology. By getting started with HighLevel, you will not only streamline your processes onto a single powerful platform, but you will also be joining a community of industry experts who will come alongside you to share knowledge and help you achieve success. If you’re feeling a little lost in the sea of AI capabilities, this community can help you stay afloat. Take the first step with a 14-day FREE trial of HighLevel today!

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