8 Ways HighLevel Is Helping Agencies Reduce Costs, Retain Clients & Radically Ramp-Up Revenue 🚀

Chase Buckner | Director of Product Marketing at HighLevel

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Running a digital agency in 2022 means managing a lot of moving parts. With a sea of software tools for agencies looking to upgrade their marketing efforts, things can easily get overwhelming and downright messy. I mean, we all welcome the tools needed to create more lead opportunities, but who wants the added work of trying to de-clutter by duct taping a bunch of tools together and then trying to manage them? 

No thank you. 

To reduce the stress and anxiety, some software companies began to release “All-In-One Platforms” as a solution. These platforms rope in all the needed applications and integrations that agencies need to build their client’s websites/funnels, run their campaigns and manage workflows. The truth is though, that many of these solutions became exceptional at one thing and just kinda “eh” at others. 

Founded in 2018 by Shaun Clark, Varun Vairavan, and Robin Alex; HighLevel was released as an ultra-hybrid Sales & Marketing CRM alternative on steroids. Agencies are flocking to it because it enables them to consolidate and shed their expensive tech stacks, multiply their revenue streams and scale faster by offering SaaS.

#1: A White-Labeled All-In-One Platform 🎁

It’s always a little awkward for agencies to boast of their services while trying to explain to their clients that they don’t need to just pay them, but also this other external service and that other additional subscription as well. It dulls the look of their agency and makes clients feel uncertain about them. Getting to white-label and present everything in their own customized platform brings the shine back and breeds digital confidence.

All-In-One means no more “one and done and then they run” projects. Agencies get to reduce churn by providing an array of branded, software-driven services that keep their client’s pipelines packed and appointment calendars filled all while reducing their Martech costs!

Agencies quickly discover that the tools and features included in HighLevel are not just a bunch of additions to simply become another “All-In-One” tool, but a methodical collection aimed at optimizing the lead process from capture to close.

#2: Unlimited Accounts

Should agencies be penalized for success? Of course not! But with many marketing platforms, they are charged more for things like having more clients, more users, and/or more contacts (???). Not so with HighLevel. For a low cost of $297, agencies get to have an unlimited number of sub-accounts, users, and contacts so they don’t get nickel and dimed at every stage of growth.

#3: Snapshots 📸

HighLevel Snapshots are an operator’s dream come true. With a snapshot, agencies can create a cloneable copy of an entire sub-account, including custom fields & values, forms & surveys, funnels & websites, automations, and so much more! Snapshots take client onboarding from days to minutes.

#4: SaaS Mode 🦾

Today HighLevel is disrupting the digital marketing world with a SaaS strategy that focuses entirely on agency acceleration. Between March and December of 2021, HighLevel has helped agencies generate $3,230,800/month in revenue while increasing the average client retention duration from 2.5 months to as long as 9 months!

For only $497, all the genius of HighLevel can not only be white-labeled but sold under an agency’s own brand for a monthly subscription fee. Yep, agencies can slap their logo and branding on it, activate SaaS mode and voilà, they’re in the software business! 

With the SaaS Configurator, agencies have complete control. They can create their own packages, pricing, offer free trials & complimentary email/SMS credits,  and even set a markup rate for email & SMS usage.

SaaS Mode Also Means More Sticky Clients 🍯

The other problem SaaS Mode solves is that businesses have always relied on agencies to choose & configure the software they need and then continue to pay for the software long after they’ve stopped paying the agency for their services.

“It never sat right with us that an agency loses out on years of SaaS revenue for something the business would have never found success with without the agency.” – Chase Buckner (Director of Sales & Marketing At HighLevel)

Now with HighLevel the software and the agency are one and the same. Fewer break-ups. Less churn.

As of December 2020, there were over 2400 agency accounts on SaaS with over 16,400 sticky client sub-accounts.

#5: Rebilling Opportunities 💳

Every company knows that they will have to pay extra for telephone, SMS, and email charges. It’s not an upsell; it’s just a given. But with HighLevel agencies can rebill these services at a profit. They can do the same with WordPress hosting and even with Yext! 

SaaS agencies using rebilling raked in an astounding $13.4 million, charging a median rate of 4.5x for phone/SMS and 3.1x for emails. 

All these passive revenue streams flowing right into their bank account from happy clients whose own customer base is growing more every day.

#6: Upselling Opportunities 💲

Being able to sell more services to your clients is the bread and butter of any agency. Problem is, that many agencies don’t always know how to upsell or cross-sell to their clients.

In the book “Marketing Metrics,” Paul W. Farris shares the result of their research: “The probability of selling to a new customer is 5–20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.

With SaaS, upselling more services becomes not only easier but much more effective.

Our studies show that SaaS agencies see a 67% success rate with upselling compared to only 28% for non-SaaS agencies.

#7: The HighLevel Affiliate Program 💰

HighLevel pays a 40% monthly recurring affiliate commission on all three of our plans ($97/month, $297/month, and $497/month). As of April of 2020, the HighLevel Affiliate Program has paid out over $13 Million Dollars to affiliates, made 4 affiliates millionaires, and has given away 5 brand new electric vehicles via our Supercharged SaaS Program

While all HighLevel customers are enrolled in the program, even non-customers can join and share in the revenue opportunities.

#8: The HighLevel Community 👥

More could be said about other HighLevel features such as custom values, the ability to copy and share assets, the “gray-label” LeadConnector plugin, and then some, but what really stands out about HighLevel are the people. 

The HighLevel leadership team and staff are passionate about creating the absolute best software for agencies on the planet and are diligently working to make HighLevel the best “All-In-One Tool” to help agencies cut costs and drive growth.

The partners and affiliates are all enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the support specialists are helpful, speedy, and best of all patient. Users will also find a wealth of educational opportunities and resources to help equip their teams and grow their businesses while taking their agency to the next level!

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