HighLevel’s New Conversation AI Coming Soon!

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HighLevel can talk now???

AI continues to surge through our platform and is helping to skyrocket our software above the competition. Pretty soon you will be able to enable a conversational bot into your SMS campaigns and convos! ⇡🤖⇡

Yep this thing is actually going to talk for you!

Conversation AI Bot has two modes:

Suggestive Mode – We’ve taken the guesswork out of messaging with our message suggestions. It’s like having a personal assistant that anticipates your needs! Choose to send the suggestion as is, customize it to your heart’s content, or boldly ignore the suggestion and unleash your creativity. It’s a whole new level of control and convenience!

Auto-reply Mode – With auto-reply mode, bot will reply to conversations on your behalf even if you are away. With this mode efficiency, intelligence, and fast responses combine to elevate the user experience to new heights.

You can also load up a set of FAQs that you want the bot to send prior to making an appointment and tell it what calendar to send your customers to when they’re ready to book!

Freakin amazing! Great job team 👏 🙌


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