HighLevel Ranks in SaaSworthy’s List of Top 20 Fastest-Growing Software CRM

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Companies on this list are ranked according to several factors including features, user ratings, market presence, and more.

[Dallas, TX – 3/3/2023]. HighLevel, a comprehensive, AI-powered marketing and sales management platform, is honored to be ranked #9 in SaaSworthy’s list of the Top 20 Fastest-Growing Software CRMs. This is HighLevel’s second year in a row being featured on this prestigious list. 

Every quarter, SaaSworthy releases lists of the top 20 CRM software organizations in various categories, such as Most Worthy, Highly Rated, Fastest Growing, and Most Popular. Given their extensive research into the numerous SaaS products available, SaaSworthy holds a level of expertise within the SaaS industry, and thus, any rankings they provide are held in high regard. To read more about how these rankings are calculated, view their methodology below. 

The software featured on the Top 20 Fastest-Growing list exhibit tremendous growth since their conception and are projected to continue this exemplary trajectory. In essence, those that are featured represent the elite few among the sea of SaaS software CRM competitors. 

About HighLevel

Developed for agencies by an agency, HighLevel’s goal is to help other marketing professionals and companies reach their benchmarks for success with a sustainable, powerful, “all things marketing” operating system. Their all-in-one sales and customer relationship management platform offers numerous features that are essential to agencies and marketers, providing limitless opportunities for their customers to set lofty sales goals and actually achieve them while being supported by a team of experts. HighLevel believes in enhancing automation, improving communication, and boosting scalability in a consumer-friendly way, and they consistently provide product and feature updates that exemplify these priorities.

HighLevel, unlike many other marketing platforms out there, encourages its customers to rebrand the platform as their own. In doing this, HighLevel has created a community of shared empowerment, of people owning and inventing their own futures, who are inspired and motivated by each other’s success, who continually push the boundaries of what’s possible, who refuse to let failures halt their progress, and who are there for each other to help navigate the losses and celebrate the wins.

With a two-year revenue growth percentage of 1,651%, HighLevel continues to grow exponentially, increasing the impact created on the tech community, the SaaS industry, and their extensive collection of 20,000+ (and climbing!) clients. Through their agency customers, they have supported a collective of over 1.2 million businesses, fostered 9.2 billion conversations, and aided in the creation of 622.3 million leads. With many ground-breaking updates in the near future, we expect this growth to not only continue, but to compound as time goes on.

About SaaSworthy SW Score Methodology

From SaaSworthy’s SW Score Methodology page, linked below. 

With hundreds of thousands of SaaS products available in the market, it’s nearly impossible to find the best one without any way to sort through them. That’s where SW Score, or SaaSworthy score, comes in. The SW Score aims to capture the essence of a SaaS product to help users and businesses find the most useful and relevant product as per their needs. 

The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. These factors rely on the wisdom of the crowds, since that’s a great signal to understand how good a particular software is. The algorithm takes into consideration the features offered by the product, user’s ratings, social media presence, web presence, and the growth velocity. It’s worth noting that the SW Score is a relative scoring system, which means that the scores are calculated with respect to the competitors within a category. Hence, software from one category wouldn’t be comparable to other software from a different category as far as their SW Scores are concerned. 

To read more about the specific factors considered, go to SaaSworthy’s SW Score Methodology page: https://www.saasworthy.com/sw-score-methodology 



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