HighLevel Co-Founders Robin Alex and Varun Vairavan on Bloomberg

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We are thrilled to share a recent segment from Bloomberg featuring HighLevel’s co-founders, Robin Alex and Varun Vairavan. Discussing the unique trajectory and innovative approaches of our company, this interview at the NASDAQ was a significant moment for us, reflecting on our journey and the impact we’re making in the digital marketing space.

HighLevel initially aimed at helping small businesses manage their marketing needs with effective software solutions. From there, the company has evolved, emphasizing our white-label service that allows marketing agencies to brand and implement our software solutions themselves. With around 60,000 customers and counting (at the time of publication), HighLevel stands out in the industry for our integrated, all-in-one platform that caters specifically to small businesses at a fixed price.

One of the key highlights of the interview was our discussion on the role of AI in marketing. Our tools are designed to help businesses manage communications across various channels – whether text messaging, emailing, or online ads – thereby ensuring that businesses can focus more on their core operations while leaving the digital heavy lifting to us.

Our approach to marketing and customer acquisition also sets us apart. Instead of traditional methods, we use a community-driven, referral-based strategy that not only helps reduce our costs but also empowers our users to promote our platform. This approach has allowed us to maintain a competitive pricing model while focusing resources on product enhancement.

In addition, the recent partnership with the private equity firm General Atlantic marks a new chapter for HighLevel, promising even greater growth and innovation in the future.

We are incredibly proud of what HighLevel has achieved and are excited about the future. We hope you’ll take the time to watch the full interview (available here or on our YouTube channel), where you can hear directly from Robin and Varun about their vision and commitment to empowering small businesses through superior marketing solutions.

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