HighLevel 2023 Year-In-Review 

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Whew, what a fantastic (and busy) year 2023 has been!

We’re thrilled about the incredible growth we’ve experienced. Approaching 60,000 customers (and still counting!), these clients span now across 140 countries and have earned hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue through our platform.

To keep up with the rapid influx of new users and maintain exceptional service for our existing ones, we’ve expanded our team to almost 800 employees.

As we reach new heights, it’s essential to take a moment, catch our breath, and reflect on all the remarkable achievements of the past 365 days.

The Heart of HighLevel 

First things first, let’s make sure the heartbeat of our company is right up front. We want everyone to know what keeps us going day in and day out, what fires us up, and what keeps the energy flowing!

As we’ve often said, our goal has always been to create a sustainable, powerful, “all things marketing” operating system that creates limitless opportunities for our customers! 

However, what we do at HighLevel is truly more than that. 

We are redefining the software industry by serving every business in the world. 

No one will move faster. 

No one will out-deliver.

No one will care more.

How do we make it happen? Well, no shortcuts here at HighLevel – we’re all about the long game. Every project and task is part of a bigger picture, and there’s no limit to what an agency can achieve. Our focus isn’t just on quick wins; we’re in it for the long haul, constantly refining our platform along the way.

Unlike some marketing platforms, we’re not shy about sharing the fruits of our hard work. As HighLevel continues to grow, we actively encourage our customers to make our platform their own, rebranding and reselling it for their profits.

This way, we happily fade into the background, letting them take center stage and bask in all the glory, while we celebrate their success! 🤩

HighLevel was always more than a mere marketing platform, but now it has evolved even further into a vibrant community of shared empowerment. It’s a space where individuals take charge of their destinies, crafting their futures, and drawing inspiration and motivation from one another’s success. Together, we consistently push the boundaries of what’s achievable, resiliently overcoming failures to keep progressing. We stand united to navigate losses and revel in victories as a supportive network.

Beyond being a business, HighLevel embodies a journey to success—a stairway where everyone lends a hand to propel each other onward and upward.

Product News & Updates

When it comes to features and functionality, HighLevel is always updating our product. We aim to stay on the cutting edge of industry technology, and we’ve done this by continually optimizing what we offer. 

Here is just a snapshot (no pun intended) of our progress over the last 12 months!

CRM & Automation

In the last 12 months, we have seen some staggering numbers that reflect the actions being taken (and automated!) within HighLevel: 

  • 767,166,709 Workflow Enrollments
  • 2,074,354,345 Workflow Actions Executed
  • 628,883,739 Triggers Fired

What does that mean? That means that our customers are not just piling in data and contact info! Nope, these people are being engaged with and moved through the pipeline! Everything is working together to capture, nurture, and close new leads! 🦾


At HighLevel, we continue to disrupt the digital marketing world with a SaaS strategy that focuses entirely on agency acceleration. Instead of hoarding all the success for ourselves, we actively encourage users to white-label our platform, resell it as their own, and generate limitless recurring revenue. 

Sound too good to be true? We promise there’s no catch – and plenty of agencies and entrepreneurs have already found SaaS success with the help of HighLevel! 

HighLevel’s SaaS Mode is also helping agencies destroy churn rates and create more sticky clients. This is accomplished with deeply personalized user journeys, comprehensive analytics and reporting for data-driven decisions, automated onboarding processes, and more! 


AI has been all the buzz in 2023, and HighLevel certainly did not miss out on this fab fad. On top of incorporating AI technology into the very essence of our platform, we also created a go-to guide for marketers and entrepreneurs to reference while learning to navigate these waters.

Be sure to check out All Things AI + HighLevel to get the full scoop! 


At HighLevel, we know the impact we have on the industry, and we set out into 2023 with the goal of making that impact permanent and official. This is why we have filed numerous patents and sought out multiple trademarks in the past 12 months. 

Take a look at the patents we have pending and the trademarks we have been granted! 

8 Patents Pending:

  • Systems and Methods for a Customized Chatbot Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Systems and Methods for Automatically Generating, Scheduling, Posting, and Recycling Social Media Posts Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Systems and Methods for Real-Time Automatic Rebilling of Metered Activities in a Tiered Software Framework
  • Systems and Methods for Building Funnels and Websites Using Artificial Intelligence in a Tiered Software Framework
  • Systems and Methods for Facilitating Business Prospecting in a Tiered Software Framework 
  • Systems and Methods for Spam Blocking Using Artificial Intelligence in a Tiered Software Framework
  • Systems and Methods for a Mobile Application Architecture Using Backend-to-Frontend in a Tiered Software Framework
  • Systems and Methods for a Lead Portal with Unified Login for Child Applications in a Tiered Software Framework

3 Trademarks Granted: 

  • LeadConnector
  • Three Arrows Logo 

And More! 

There are loads of other product updates we could talk about here, but if we were to include everything that happened this year, the blog would be very, very long. If you want to learn more about some of the biggest releases of the year, check out our LevelUp Day blog post or browse our Feature Releases playlist on YouTube! 

Community & Culture

In addition to all the exciting product updates, HighLevel experienced exponential growth in regard to our community and culture throughout 2023. 


Over the span of the past 12 months, the HighLevel team organized numerous events, the largest of which was our second-ever HighLevel Summit! 

Last year’s Summit saw over 500 people from all over the world gather in Dallas, TX, for the event. This year’s Summit saw this number skyrocket to over 800! 

Those who attended got to hear from some of the biggest names in the industry, including: Troy Dean, Karen Hite, Adrian Brambila, Chris Record, Molly Mahoney, John Logar, AmyK, Cathy Olson, Krystin Ruschman, Gusten Sun, Alex Charfen, Billy Gene, Kim Neuwirth, Allie Bloyd, Perry Belcher, Codie Sanchez, Keenya Kelly, Albert Rios, and Frank Kern. 

There were multiple events within the Summit as well, including: VIP Welcome Party sponsored by Agency Mavericks, VIP Happy Hour sponsored by Extendly, Neon Night, and more! Thanks again to all of our attendees for making it a great event! And an extra special thank you to all 2023 sponsors and exhibitors.

We also got to have our annual award ceremony, where we were able to honor our fastest-growing SaaSPRENEURS and Affiliates of HighLevel.

To learn more about our 2023 Summit and to purchase tickets for our 2024 event, click here.

That’s not all, however! There were so many events that HighLevel hosted or participated in like The Zone and Build Your Brand. We can’t wait for more events and opportunities to connect with our HighLevelers!

Workshops and Masterminds 

Our customers will also find a wealth of educational opportunities and resources to help equip their teams and grow their businesses while taking their agency to the next level!

Throughout 2023, we have continued to host valuable, information-heavy workshops alongside other industry experts. These virtual events are geared towards helping new and existing HighLevel users find success with proven tips and tricks. Expect those to be just as consistent and even better in the future, and in the meantime, check out our Virtual Workshops YouTube playlist

Similar to workshops, we also host bite-sized one-day masterclasses, which can be found in this YouTube playlist

In addition to our workshops and masterclasses, we offer SaaSPRENEUR Mastermind events. These in-person events aim to teach you everything you need to launch and scale your new SaaS Business! Learn more about our upcoming Mastermind, which will be held in February 2024, and purchase your tickets HERE

The Affiliate Program 

If you have not yet heard the buzz about how explosive the HighLevel Affiliate Program has become, it’s time to let you in on it with a little peek.

Affiliates earned over $23 million in commission last year! 😳

1,061 affiliates had their FIRST payout in 2023, with over 3K total affiliates receiving a payout throughout the year!

At HighLevel, we not only hand out loads of cash based on a crazy good commission percentage (40%), but affiliates also have the chance to earn FREE electric vehicles (like Teslas, Porsches and Audis).

If you want in on the action, we have plenty of room for more successful people! Learn more about the affiliate program and get started today


In addition to all of the client-centric events HighLevel participated in during 2023, we also held our first-ever company-wide retreats. Since we are a global company with team members around the world, these retreats were split into East and West. 

The East Retreat saw team members come together in the culture-rich city of Tokyo, while the West Retreat brought team members together in the ultimate mecca of fun, Disneyland, followed by a short cruise. 

We’re looking forward to even more of these in-person team-building trips in the years to come! 

HighLevel Successes

Another area that HighLevel has seen tremendous progress in during 2023 has been our successes in the public eye. With recent PR efforts, HighLevel was the recipient of several awards throughout the year, including: 

The Future

At our upcoming SaaSPRENEUR Mastermind, we will be rolling out in more detail the 2024 & Beyond Roadmap. Be sure to get your tickets to see what’s in store! 

For now, we can tell you that you can be on the lookout for a continued expansion of our feature base, including:  

Social Planner Q1 Items:

  • YouTube Shorts and Videos: Agencies can look forward to publishing and scheduling shorts and videos up to 1GB directly on YouTube.
  • Facebook Reels: Users gain the ability to schedule Reels for Facebook and post them directly on their Pages.
  • Video Editor: A new video editing experience tailored for short-form videos.
  • Tagging of Profiles (@Mentions): Agencies can @mention public profiles on different social platforms, customizing their posts.
  • Public APIs: Users can leverage Public APIs outside HL for enhanced customization.
  • Canva Integrations: Canva integration for creating and editing images/videos within the Social Planner and other app sections.
  • Mobile App Integration: Social Planner is added to the Mobile App, allowing users to create and schedule posts for various social media.
  • Pinterest Scheduling: Users can schedule pins with links, select boards, and adjust privacy settings.

Content AI Q1 Items:

  • Quick Access to Content AI: A ChatGPT-like option for conversing and editing images from anywhere within the platform.
  • Image Editing with AI: Users can edit images using Edit with AI directly from the media library and Social Planner.

Just to name a few. 

That’s right, folks, the best is still yet to come.

Summing It Up

As fantastic as 2023 was, we’re gearing up for an even better 2024. Although this overview is from the highest level, none of it would be possible without the dedication of those on the ground, meticulously handling the details that make the magic happen.

A heartfelt cheers to our incredible team members, partners, and affiliates! Your ongoing efforts are what shape HighLevel into the extraordinary entity it is today!

2024, here we come 😎🙌

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