Get Ahead Of The Current Marketing Rebellion With Mark Schaefer

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Marketing & Advertising has become like bad B.O. to a lot of people👃🤢

“Marketing as usual” isn’t cutting it and it’s causing customers to resist and reject traditional agency methods. 🙅🙅‍♀️ In this spotlight, Mark Schaefer, author of “Marketing Rebellion,” gives us a wake-up call ⏰ and shows how to radically change the nature of our efforts to create winning brands 🏆🙌🏻.

You’ll learn things like:

💥 Why the marketer is no longer in control of marketing and why that’s good news! 

💥 The most powerful way to promote your brand while connecting with your clients. 

💥 How business giants like Tesla grew with virtually no ad spend. 

💥 The 3 types of influencers you’ll want to leverage in 2022.

💥 How to make content that MOVES!

👉 Learn more in Mark’s new book “Cumulative Advantage” and at

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