From Startup to Success: 5 Years of HighLevel

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In 2018, three guys with a shared dream embarked on a journey that would transform the digital marketing landscape forever. Drawing from their experience in the industry, these three guys, who you might know as Shaun, Robin, and Varun, set out to create HighLevel, an all-in-one sales and marketing platform like no other. Little did they know the level of success they would achieve in just five short years. 

Join us as we celebrate HighLevel’s remarkable journey and reflect on the milestones that have made it a true force in the digital marketing sphere.

Generous Growth

HighLevel’s growth over the past five years has been nothing short of remarkable. From a modest team of three, the company has expanded its workforce exponentially, now boasting an impressive 646 employees (as of 7/3/23). 

This remarkable growth is a testament to HighLevel’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of the ever-evolving tech community and the thriving SaaS industry. With a staggering two-year revenue growth percentage of 1,651%, HighLevel continues to make a profound impact on both its clients and the digital marketing landscape.

Customers & Community

HighLevel’s success can be measured not only by its remarkable growth but also by the thriving community it has built. Today, HighLevel proudly serves over 40,000 agencies, including trial users, with an astounding 1.2 million businesses benefiting from the platform. The numbers speak for themselves: 1.9 billion leads and 12.2 billion conversations have been facilitated through HighLevel’s innovative tools. 

In the past six months alone, HighLevel has experienced a significant surge in its customer base, with over 3,000 new customers joining every month. Affirming its position as a leading platform, the number of affiliate trials has increased fivefold in the past year. HighLevel’s commitment to fostering a vibrant community is evident in the 36,372 members of its Official Facebook Community and the 4,405 members of the SaaSPRENEUR Facebook Community.

Education & Events

HighLevel understands the importance of education and continuous growth in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. In 2021, HighLevel began hosting events, with two successful gatherings. Building on this success, HighLevel hosted four events in 2022 and has a staggering 11 events slated for 2023! These events provide a unique platform for customers to connect, learn from industry experts, and build valuable relationships. 

One of the largest events, the LevelUp Summit, serves as a customer appreciation extravaganza, bringing together HighLevel users from around the globe. The summit offers growth-focused insights from world-class speakers, fostering networking opportunities that are invaluable for agency owners. 

Furthermore, HighLevel launched the 5 Day Challenge and SaaSPRENEUR Local Hero courses in 2023, aimed at equipping customers with the knowledge and tools to kickstart and scale their own agencies.

A Fabulous Future

As HighLevel celebrates its five-year anniversary, there is no intention of slowing down. When you build something great, the momentum keeps pushing forward. HighLevel has exciting plans on the horizon, including a series of groundbreaking updates that will revolutionize the digital marketing sphere. These advancements will not only fuel the continued growth of the platform but also compound its impact over time. 

With a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to innovation, HighLevel is poised to lead the way in shaping the future of sales and marketing. Cheers to HighLevel and the incredible journey that lies ahead!


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