Expedite A2P 10DLC Approval with Toll-Free Numbers 

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Are you ready to level up your Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging game? As the landscape of communication evolves, compliance becomes paramount. Here’s how purchasing and using toll-free numbers can be your ace in the hole for expediting A2P 10 DLC (10 Digit Long Code) brand and campaign approvals.

Why the Shift? Understanding Toll-Free Number Registration

In the past, toll-free numbers were freely accessible without registration. However, to curb spam and misuse, US carriers now require official assignments for new numbers to receive incoming calls. Carriers will now block SMS messages from unregistered toll-free numbers to enhance security and compliance.

What You Need to Know About Registering Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free number registration isn’t just about compliance – it’s about sustaining messaging during A2P 10 DLC brand/campaign approval waits. This process aligns your Toll-Free messaging channel with 10 DLC channels. These channels verify services, sending brands, traffic types, and ensure documented verification.

A2P Compliance and Toll-Free Number Messaging Limits

As of April 1, 2023, industry-wide thresholds apply for messaging sent over Restricted (previously “unverified”) and Pending (submitted for verification) Toll-Free numbers. Verified numbers aren’t affected. These thresholds, divided into daily, weekly, and monthly limits, facilitate messaging while ensuring compliance.


     – Daily: 500 message segments

     – Weekly: 1,000 message segments

     – Monthly: 2,000 message segments


     – Daily: 2,000 message segments

     – Weekly: 6,000 message segments

     – Monthly: 10,000 message segments

 Registration remains mandatory for all Toll-Free numbers when sending messages to Canada.

How to Act: Registering Your Toll-Free Numbers

1. Navigate to the Manage Numbers page (for agency admins and users).

2. Click on “Phone Numbers” and select “Number Info.”

3. Start the registration process and provide the required details.

4. Complete the verification process, crucial for sending traffic to a toll-free number.

5. Verification can take 4-6 weeks, during which messaging limits are removed.
Some have experienced a shorter wait time with getting toll-free numbers approved. 

6. Once your number is pending verification status, no further action is required. 

What If You Don’t Act?

Messages from unregistered Toll-Free numbers will be subject to messaging limits, blocked with error code “30032” if exceeded. Using additional Toll-Free numbers to surpass these limits is prohibited and leads to the same block.

Conclusion: Secure Compliance, Expedite Approvals

Toll-free number registration isn’t just a compliance necessity – it’s a strategic move. By aligning your messaging channels and adhering to limits, you demonstrate your commitment to secure and efficient communication. Don’t wait – register your toll-free numbers now to expedite your A2P 10 DLC brand and campaign approval journey.

For more details and step-by-step instructions on how to buy a toll-free number, visit our guide here

In the evolving realm of A2P messaging, compliance is your passport to success. Secure it today by registering your toll-free numbers and embracing the future of communication.

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