Elevate Your Content Creation with Image AI

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What is this Update? 

A groundbreaking addition to our Content AI capabilities. With Image AI, you can unlock your creativity and produce captivating high-resolution images that will amaze your audience. 

How Can I Start Using It? 

To get started with Image AI, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit your HighLevel dashboard and navigate to Marketing > Social Planner > Create New Post.

2. Choose your preferred social media platform for your post.

3. Click on the Image icon and select “Create Image with AI.”

4. Input your desired prompt, select a style, and specify the number of variations you want.

5. Sit back and witness the AI as it weaves a visual spectacle, generating stunning images for you.

Feeling stuck? No worries! The “Prompt Example” feature has you covered. It provides a range of preset prompts and styles curated to help you create outstanding social media posts.

Say goodbye to stock photos, because you have the ability to craft bespoke visuals for just $0.06 per image with Image AI! All generated images will be stored in the media library, easily accessible from the “Image” tab on the Content AI dashboard.

That’s not all! We have also introduced location-level permissions for Content AI. By default, all newly created locations/agencies within HighLevel will have Content AI enabled, but here is how you can customize permissions for your account users: 

  • Enable or disable Content AI for specific locations in Agency Settings > Content AI.
  • Choose from three pricing options: $97 without rebilling, $297 with a 5% flat rebilling rate, or $497 with custom rebilling.
  • Agency admins can manage permissions in Agency Settings > Company.
  • Newly created locations/agencies have Content AI enabled by default.

Learn more about this feature release here.

Happy creating! 

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