Building Profitable Relationships with Contact Consolidation Tools by HighLevel

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Successful customer relationships are the backbone of any thriving business. It’s truly one of the defining factors that will keep people coming back to a business. 

And while most people think you need to spend lots of money and time managing them, that’s simply not the case anymore. With HighLevel, customer relationships don’t have to take up every waking moment of your day. Up next, we’ll give you the scoop on how this goes down!

Scheduling & Organization

Being an entrepreneur, you’ll probably be mostly focused on actually getting leads, which makes sense! And yes, this is a very important aspect of having success. But what happens when your lead generation efforts start working? What happens when you start getting flooded with leads? Will you be ready for this? 

Most of the time, the answer is, unfortunately, no.

So…what are your options? 

This is where it gets exciting! While there is a wide range of options available in the market, most of them are single-function apps that won’t be integrated with the rest of your marketing efforts, while HighLevel offers you a scheduling solution that is deeply integrated with your communication and lead funnel (we’ll get to this soon enough, don’t worry!).

HighLevel’s calendar solution provides you with a wide range of features like syncing with Google Calendar, buffering between meetings, custom booking forms, and calendar embedding that will make the scheduling experience a quicker smarter more pleasant one!

lead generation

Contact Consolidation

Email, SMS messages, phone calls, social media… nowadays, you’re probably communicating with your clients on a wide range of platforms. This can make it a bit confusing and time-consuming to keep tabs on everything since you’re constantly jumping from app to app.

Let’s paint a picture: a potential customer has a need, so they go to Google and look for a service/product that seems like a good fit. Good news: that’s you! So, they reach out. And… no answer! What do you think happens next? It’s simple, they’ll just go to the next best option. 

And this happens more than you think! Truthfully, you need to be on top of your messages and, the best way to do it is to find a way to have everything in one place. Thankfully, HighLevel allows you to have your social channels, phone calls, SMS messages, and even Google Business Chat, letting you have unparalleled control of all your different conversations in one place!

Focusing on the Right Leads!

HIghlevel CRM screenshot

Along your journey, you’ll find out some clients are ready to buy, while others will need a little bit more nurturing. That’s why, deciding where to focus your efforts is crucial as an entrepreneur.

This is usually done by creating a funnel that allows you to visualize and understand how your customers are finding, interacting, and buying from you. Having all this information in one place and being able to categorize leads will help you know which you should pursue and which to hold off on. Moreover, visualizing this will help you be able to spot bottlenecks or places where leads are leaving allowing you to redirect areas that actually need it.

Within HighLevel, we have developed pipelines, a complete and powerful feature that allows you to do just that and much more like:

  1. Selecting which stage from the funnel is included in the reporting. 
  2. Filtering funnels by age, stage, or opportunity status. 
  3. Triggering workflows from stage change, status change, and stale opportunities. This helps you be responsive and proactive in the face of opportunities moving (or not moving) along your funnel. 
Highlevel Pipeline

HighLevel’s pipeline tool, when used correctly, goes way beyond just keeping tabs on how things are rolling. With it, you’re not only deciphering what’s working and what needs a tweak, but you’re also breaking down barriers and forging stronger connections with your clients.

Join the HighLevel Revolution

Your journey as an entrepreneur is unique, but it doesn’t have to be challenging. With HighLevel, you can simplify your processes, deepen customer connection, and accelerate your business growth. 

Take the next step towards success and take advantage of our 14-day free trial by clicking below:

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