Visualizing Your Funnel with HighLevel

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Funnels are crucial in growing businesses since they allow you to have a clearer understanding of how customers find them, interact with them, and end up buying from them. 

Within HighLevel, we have developed a complete and powerful funnel tool that lets you track opportunities from the very first interaction. Let’s take a closer look!

What is a Funnel

Before we dive too deep, it’s a good idea to understand what a funnel is. In this case, when we talk about funnels, we’re referring to the series of stages opportunities go through to achieve a goal. 

Why They Matter

So… why do they matter?

First off, they provide order and they allow you to showcase the process opportunities go through to your clients. This is key since, more often than not, most clients don’t have a clear understanding of what goes behind actually acquiring leads.

Now that you’re able to show how the process is laid out, they’ll be able to find value behind it. At the end of the day, making your work visible is crucial in building stronger client relationships.

Moreover, through visualizing the funnel, you’ll be able to easily spot bottlenecks or places where leads are leaving allowing you to redirect efforts in areas that actually need it.

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Traditional Funnels vs. HighLevel Funnels

While traditional funnels only include all the “positive” stages that opportunities must go through, HighLevel allows you to include positive stages but hide any stages that are not “positive” steps forward from the Funnel Reporting, helping you avoid inaccurate reporting.

This, in turn, provides you with more control, since it allows you to have stages on funnel reports or distribution reports and you can select which stage goes on which. 

Filtering Funnels

You can filter funnels by age, funnel, funnel stage, or status. This enables you to find contacts on HighLevel based on where they’re located on the funnel or what their status within the funnel is.

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The Opportunity Status

You can change the status of a particular opportunity at any stage of the funnel, this allows you to change the status of an opportunity in the funnel stage where that happens, letting you better understand what stages are actually working and which are not.

Triggering Workflows Based on Opportunities & Funnels

You can trigger workflows from funnel stage change, opportunity status change, and stale opportunities helping you be responsive and proactive in the face of opportunities moving (or not moving) along your funnels! 

The Takeaway

To close out, it’s very important to highlight that funnels when used correctly, go way beyond just keeping tabs on how things are rolling. With them, you’re not only deciphering what’s working and what needs a tweak, but you’re also breaking down barriers and forging stronger connections with your clients. 

Say goodbye to the complexities of lead management and hello to effortless funnel creation with HighLevel. Interested in trying this out?

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