Best ManyChat Alternatives in 2024

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Messaging automation bots cut support costs, increase customer satisfaction, and create sales opportunities. So it’s no surprise their use has skyrocketed in the last several years.

ManyChat is one of the most popular messaging automation tools. But is it the best? Is it even the most cost-effective? And are there superior alternatives?

Let’s answer those questions. 

Key Takeaways

  • ManyChat is a popular tool but has single-focus functionality. 
  • Pricing scales with the number of contacts, so it can get pricey quickly. 
  • MancyChat lacks more advanced sales tools. 
  • Integrating with your existing tech stack may be tricky.
  • A full-funnel solution like High Level is a more cost-effective solution. 

Try HighLevel’s full set of tools for free, including automated sequences, conversational AI, and broadcasts. Take a full-funnel view of your messaging with everything you need to improve customer engagement and nurture and convert prospects.

What features does ManyChat have?

Here’s a quick overview of ManyChat’s main customer communication features: 

  • Messaging automation: ManyChat’s core feature is its messaging bot that works on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and SMS. This bot is configured to respond to messages automatically with pre-configured answers. 
  • Social media auto-replies: ManyChat allows users to auto-respond to follower activity like Facebook post comments and mentions in Instagram reels. 
  • Drip sequence automation: ManyChat is also used to create and run drip sequences (pre-written messages sent at set intervals) to encourage purchases, such as by offering a discount voucher. 
  • Customer data collection: ManyChat has admin tools for tagging and organizing contacts, such as for audience segmentation for tailored broadcasts.  
  • Live chat: ManyChat allows for traditional customer service delivery, and representatives can pause automation and speak to customers through the platform.

How much does ManyChat really cost?

  • ManyChat’s pricing structure is based on your number of contacts, with the Pro plan starting at $15/month and increasing from there. On average, this amounts to around $4 per 1000 contacts. 
  • This means costs can quickly add up. For example, if you want to engage more than 500 contacts—which is a serious possibility for smaller businesses with strong customer-facing processes—then you’ll pay $25/month. 2500 customers and above starts at $45/month. Any interaction counts as a “contact” until you delete or unsubscribe them. 
  • A flat-fee provider like HighLevel is a more cost-effective alternative. Even better, you won’t have to worry about unforeseen costs if you have a sudden spike in messages (we’ve got you covered for your appearance on Oprah). 
  • HighLevel also offers a whole suite of full-funnel tools for converting and engaging with customers beyond the chat interface. 

What are the best ManyChat alternatives and competitors in 2024?

Here are five of the best ManyChat alternatives in 2024: 

  • HighLevel: HighLevel is an all-in-one solution. It provides messaging automation in addition to a large suite of admin, marketing and sales tools. All for one flat price. It also offers all of the core functionality of ManyChat, with compatibility across SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, without the sliding pricing structure. You can use its conversational AI across all your channels to boost customer satisfaction and sales. 
  • Drift: Drift is an enterprise solution that uses machine learning to power its chatbots. It offers the option of conversational AI along with traditional bots that respond to keywords and predefined prompts. It also includes more advanced tools like intent scoring for site visitors and a dedicated success manager. However, it is very expensive. Plans start at $2500/month.
  • Trengo: Trengo is a messaging platform for managing customer interactions from a single platform and one of the top ManyChat competitors. It has rule-based chatbot functionality that integrates with WhatsApp and Facebook, but not Instagram. Many of Trengo’s features are for managing customer support queries, such as the automated team-member forwarding service based on a user’s location. 
  • ChatBot: ChatBot is a popular AI-driven chatbot builder and chatbot platform. It integrates across a wide array of channels, including most social media platforms, project management apps like Slack, and email services like MailChimp. It has no additional sales or marketing tools beyond creating chatbots. 
  • ZenDesk: ZenDesk is one of the most popular customer support apps on the web. It offers chatbot and conversational AI features, along with social media integrations. Its sales platform and its customer service platform have two separate plans.

Is there a free ManyChat alternative?

We haven’t found a good free alternative to ManyChat. ManyChat itself offers a free plan but it’s limited and unsuitable for long-term use. It allows a maximum of 1000 contacts, includes ManyChat branding, and doesn’t include SMS messaging, 

Your best option for cutting costs is to use an integrated solution like HighLevel. This will eliminate what you would otherwise pay for dozens of narrowly focused solutions. 

ManyChat disadvantages and issues

We identified the following disadvantages of ManyChat in our research: 

  • No sales or marketing features beyond messaging automation.
  • Small number of native integrations (most are through Zapier).
  • Sliding pricing structure that can quickly add up.
  • Reviewers have complained about poor customer support.
  • Complex dashboard with a high learning curve.
  • Social media integration and compatibility issues have been reported.

Is ManyChat good for full-funnel marketing?

ManyChat is not a full-funnel marketing tool. It focuses specifically on automated chat sequences through channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It doesn’t offer any additional features for client scoring, managing meetings, sending proposals, managing invoices, and so on.

If you’re looking for a complete solution, accessible from a single user interface, that includes automated messaging on social and elsewhere, try HighLevel for free. 

Try HighLevel’s full set of tools for free, including automated sequences, conversational AI, and broadcasts. Take a full-funnel view of your messaging with everything you need to improve customer engagement and nurture and convert prospects.

What messaging features does HighLevel offer?

HighLevel offers virtually all of the same messaging automation features as ManyChat. In addition, you get access to a full suite of marketing, sales, and admin tools.

Let’s take a look at HighLevel’s features.

Messaging automation and conversational AI

HighLevel integrates with the same channels as ManyChat—SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. You can also add a web chat feature to your website. 

You can implement prompt-based sequences (based on keywords or options) and conversational AI trained on your materials like website content, customer support, FAQs, etc.

SMS and email marketing

HighLevel provides a full set of tools for collecting contact details and running drip sequences through SMS and email marketing.

You can also, of course, segment existing customers in your CRM to send tailored broadcasts via email, SMS, and social media. 

Full-funnel marketing

Messaging automation is a powerful marketing tool. It engages potential customers, provides immediate value, and assists with sales. 

But to achieve these outcomes as effectively as possible, you need a full-funnel approach. And this is where most messaging automation providers falter. 

For example, how do you turn a conversation into a meeting?

HighLevel’s conversational AI automatically schedules appointments for you based on your availability in your calendar. 

And what about turning an opportunity into a sale? 

With HighLevel, you can manage all aspects of follow-up, proposal tracking, sending of sales collateral, estimates, and invoices. You can also provide multiple payment options like tap to pay from the app and in-proposal payment links. 

Finally, you can maximize value by requesting reviews and referrals and running your affiliate scheme through Highlevel.

Where do messaging apps fit in your funnel?

Messaging and conversational marketing is one part of your sales funnel. And if it doesn’t connect with your whole customer journey, you’ll lose out on sales, referrals and repeat customers. 

ManyChat is a decent app. But when you account for cost and functionality, there are much better alternatives available. As to the best ManyChat alternative, that depends on the specific needs and aims of your business. 

An alternative like HighLevel gives you all the tools you need to engage with potential customers, nurture them, close deals and encourage them to renew and refer your services. All for one flat fee that doesn’t change based on volume.

Try HighLevel’s full set of tools for free, including automated sequences, conversational AI, and broadcasts. Take a full-funnel view of your messaging with everything you need to improve customer engagement and nurture and convert prospects.

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