Agency Mentorship Program With Brad Ferris

Reading Time: < 1 minute
Do you have a small agency that could use a FREE experienced 7-figure strategist to help you scale? 🤔 👍👍

In this spotlight session, we are joined by Brad Ferris, Co-Owner & VP of Marketing for Clinic Grower, a 7-figure, full-stack marketing agency that services the high-end cosmetic industry. 

📣 Brad has a small group of 7 & 8 Figure agency owners interested in donating one (1) hour per month as your Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for 1 year. 📣

In this session, Brad discusses with us:
💥 Why he and his team of mentors are willing to donate their time to help agencies 
💥 What agencies could use this program and who qualifies 
💥 How you can join his team 

To apply for mentorship or to become a mentor, click here 👉  

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