9 Tips for Promoting your Webinar with SMS Campaigns 

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With a whopping 98% open rate and 19.3% click-through rate, SMS engagement campaign metrics are hard to ignore. 

The reasons are simple.

  • SMS marketing ensures immediate delivery, allowing you to reach a vast audience instantly, and boosting webinar attendance.
  • Text messages have higher open rates compared to emails, ensuring your webinar invitation is seen by a large portion of your audience.
  • SMS allows for personalized messages, making your webinar promotion feel more tailored and increasing engagement.
  • SMS marketing is a cost-effective method to promote your webinar, offering a high return on investment for reaching potential attendees.

Not to mention, it is incredibly easy to set up SMS campaigns using a platform, like HighLevel. 

In this post, we’re sharing 9 actionable tips for how you can use SMS/text to promote your next webinar. 

  1. Send a direct webinar invite
  2. Personalize your text messages
  3. Offer an exclusive offer for text signups
  4. Share a teaser
  5. Use countdown messages
  6. Highlight individual speakers or panelists
  7. Share social proof
  8. Use copywriting frameworks
  9. Send followup reminders

Send a Direct Webinar Invite 

Direct SMS invitations are incredibly effective as they reach users directly on their mobile phones, improving the likelihood of engagement. 

You can send a personalized text message directly to your audience, inviting them to join your webinar. Here’s an example text you can swipe for this purpose:

Hi there! 🔔 Join us for an exclusive webinar on ‘X topic.’ Learn the latest strategies from industry experts. 

Tap here to reserve your spot now: [Webinar Registration Link]. 

Limited seats available! 🚀

This can be done directly within HighLevel. Plus, if you are using trigger links within HighLevel to get people to RSVP to your webinar, you can then add them to a specific campaign or trigger additional marketing automations. 

Personalize your Messages 

Just like email marketing platforms, you should customize the content of your text messages to include the recipient’s name, location, and any other relevant details.

For instance, you can use variables to do this automatically in HighLevel. So, you can use tags like “{FirstName}” or “{Location}” in your message, and the platform will replace these tags with the respective recipient’s first name or location when sending the text. 

By leveraging personalization in your SMS marketing campaigns, you can enhance the user experience, build stronger connections with your audience, and increase the effectiveness of your promotions.

Offer an Exclusive Offer for Text Signups 

This marketing tactic can be used for any campaign on any platform, but it works particularly well for SMS campaigns. 

You can provide a special discount or offer for those who sign up for your webinar through SMS/Text before a certain date.

Figuring out the right offer to craft for your audience means digging into their stage of awareness, level of intent, and pain points. This is something we recommend doing before creating any SMS marketing campaign.

Share a Teaser 

Short teaser content generates curiosity, leaving your audience eager to learn more during the actual webinar.

Tease your audience with bite-sized videos, images, GIFs, or text related to your webinar topic like this.

You can also tease about after-hour content if it’s an in-person webinar. Or talk about the access to a special community that the attendees will receive for online webinar promotion. 

Here’s an example to swipe for your next webinar promo.

🔍 Want to know the top three social media hacks for B2B success? 

Join our webinar to uncover these hidden gems! 

Sign up now to get a sneak peek: 

[Webinar Registration Link]

Use Countdown Messages

Countdown messages create a sense of urgency and anticipation to ensure that attendees don’t miss your webinar. 

Here’s an example you can swipe. 

🕒 Only 3 days left! Our B2B Marketing Webinar is just around the corner. 

Secure your spot now: [Webinar Registration Link]. 

Don’t be late, [FirstName]! ⏰

Pro Tip: Since most countdown messages are the same – minus the webinar title and RSVP link – you can save time by creating a message template in HighLevel. Then, all you need to do is swap out the title.  

Highlight Individual Speakers or Panelists

Highlighting speakers can add credibility, and can increase the likelihood of people signing up if they want to listen to their favorite speaker.  

Here is an example of some text you can swipe: 

🎙️ Meet our esteemed speaker, Jane Doe, XX Job Title At Company XYZ. 

Don’t miss her valuable insights about X topic at our webinar. It’s something she hasn’t revealed before.

Reserve your spot now: [Webinar Registration Link].”

We’d suggest you go one step further and provide your speakers with a campaign toolkit, or some sample messaging, so their team can also promote the event at their end.

Share Social Proof

Share the testimonials from your past webinars to remind prospects why they should commit their time to watching your webinar. 

Just remember, the social proof you’re using must comply with FTC regulations which means that you can only use real testimonials to promote your webinar.

Use Copywriting Frameworks

Every marketing campaign needs good copy. In fact, when you have limited space to convey your message, it’s even more efficient to rely on proven copywriting formulas.

That’s because these formulas use copywriting practices for anticipation building, social proof, FOMO, urgency, and scarcity to bring persuasive messages to life.

Here are a few we suggest:

  • PAS formula: Problem – Agitation – Solution
  • AIDA formula: Attention – Interest – Desire – Action
  • BAB formula: Before – After – Bridge
  • PPF formula: Past – Present – Future
  • PPPP formula: Picture – Promise – Proof – Push

Send Followup Reminders

Follow-ups are important. If you’re not sending follow-up messages to your campaign list, you’re leaving money on the table.

Here’s an SMS copy you can use to follow up on your webinar promotion:

🔔 Hi [First Name], We’re excited to have you at our upcoming Webinar! 

Just a friendly reminder about the event on [Webinar Date] at [Webinar Time]. 

📅 Don’t forget to mark your calendar! If you haven’t registered yet, secure your spot here: [Webinar Registration Link]. 

Can’t wait to see you! 🤩

Your follow-up will remind them that your event is coming up soon and reduce the number of no-shows.


SMS marketing can transform your webinar promotional campaign and boost attendance rates. Plus, it is a more direct and personalized medium which typically leads to higher open and reply rates. 


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