7 Free Social Media Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Webinar

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Building webinar campaigns in HighLevel is easy. Getting people to sign up and show up to your webinar is the hard part, especially if you don’t have the biggest budget.

In this post, we’re sharing 7 free social media marketing tactics you can use to promote, generate interest, and drive traffic to your webinar. 

1. Instagram hashtag campaign

Instagram is a great platform to take advantage of hashtag campaigns to promote your webinar. It can help you grow your reach, generate user-generated content, and increase registration and awareness of your webinar.

To make a campaign work, you’ll want to create a specific hashtag related to your webinar. People can use this hashtag to find posts on the topic.

When creating your hashtag, you’ll want to:

  • Be original
  • Make it easy to understand how it relates to the webinar
  • Try to write it in title case
  • Make sure the hashtag can’t be misinterpreted or have alternative readings

Next, you’ll want to preplan your content for the Instagram hashtag campaign. Also, encourage your customers to use the hashtag so you can get some user-generated content.

2. TikTok hashtag campaign

TikTok hashtags work the same as hashtags on other social media platforms, helping to increase your visibility and engagement.

When coming up with your TikTok hashtag campaign to promote your webinar, you’ll want to create a branded hashtag to make it easy for people to find. For instance, if the main goal of your campaign is to increase awareness of your webinar, you may want to include part of your webinar’s name in the hashtag.

When running a TikTok hashtag campaign to promote your webinar, you’ll want to consider:

  • Your primary goal
  • Know what types of content and information your audience on TikTok is looking for
  • Create posts using the hashtag that help engage viewers
  • Encourage viewers to join in the hashtag campaign by adding their own related content 

3. Social media contests and giveaways 

A social media contest or giveaway is a great way to encourage engagement, get your audience to share your webinar with others, generate leads, and increase brand awareness. 

People who engage in the contest or giveaway tasks can receive prizes or special offers. Additionally, it can be a fun and creative way for people to interact with you and your brand and tag friends to help increase awareness of your webinar.

Some examples of contests and giveaways include asking people to:

  • Like, share, or comment to be entered into the contest or giveaway
  • Sign up for your webinar in exchange for a freebie or bonus
  • Post a video or image related to the contest theme
  • Submit a photo of the user interacting with your product or doing an activity related to the contest theme
  • Tag a friend in a post or comment for a chance to win a prize, which helps increase your followers
  • Follow your social media page for a chance to win

When developing the contest or giveaway, you’ll want to keep the contests, giveaways, and actions related to your webinar topic and brand. To help generate ideas, consider:

  • What actions do you want your followers to take as part of the contest
  • What are your goals for the contest (e.g., generate new leads, user-generated content, increase awareness of your webinar)
  • What will the rewards be
  • How must people need to do to qualify
  • Start and stop dates for the contest or giveaway

4. Post on Instagram & Facebook stories

Instagram or Facebook stories can be another effective way to promote your webinar for free. 

Stories can draw viewers in, create a sense of urgency, and provide a fun and engaging experience that incorporates music, visuals, countdowns, and more. 

The engaging nature of Instagram and Facebook stories can help brands generate awareness and interest. For instance, you could add interactive features like polls or quizzes to your stories to help engage with people. You can use these tools to also gather information about what potential attendees hope to get out of the webinar or their top questions or problems. This can allow you to gear your promotions and webinar to fit their needs.

Additionally, Instagram’s swipe-up feature can make it easy for you to direct viewers to the webinar registration page. 

When creating stories to promote your webinar, you’ll want to:

  • Brainstorm content ideas that are related to the webinar that will grab your viewer’s attention and increase interest in the webinar topic
  • Incorporate interactive elements when possible, like checklists, polls, and quizzes 
  • Include interviews with the webinar host or hosts that can showcase their expertise, address a question related to the webinar topic, or motivate viewers

For example, Nike includes Instagram stories involving athlete interviews that help inspire or motivate their audience. You can use this same approach for your webinar by including a brief statement from the webinar host or your webinar speakers that gets people excited to attend and tells them how they’ll benefit.

5. Live Q&A sessions

Live Q&A sessions provide an opportunity for attendees to engage with you directly and immediately get answers to their follow-up questions. 

Additionally, these sessions can:

  • Provide your audience with bonus value
  • Show that you and your brand are focused on the customer and their needs
  • Improve customer and brand loyalty
  • Help increase sales

According to BigMarker, 92% of attendees report benefiting from Q&A sessions.

To ensure a positive experience, you’ll want to plan how you’ll conduct your live Q&A:

  • Promoting that there will be a live Q&A 
  • Determining how your webinar platform’s tech can help set your Q&A up for success, such as asking attendees to use a separate Questions section instead of the Comments portion
  • Have one or more members of your team scanning the comments and questions section so they can help answer questions and ensure information isn’t getting missed   

6. Create an event on Facebook and LinkedIn for your webinar 

Creating an event on Facebook or LinkedIn is easy to do and has multiple benefits, including:

  • Connections of the people who plan to attend the event will see the status and information about the webinar in their news feeds, expanding your reach
  • Making it easy to invite your connections
  • People who mark they’re attending can get a reminder about the event on that platform, which can increase attendance
  • You can add links or how to join the webinar so it’s easy for people to join directly from that platform
  • Creating an event page provides you with another page to share information and content to help you build interest, create a sense of community, and engage your audience

To get the most out of your event page, you’ll want to:

  • Highlight how attending the webinar will benefit them
  • Monitor the event page leading up to the webinar to answer any questions or comments left on that page
  • Create a completed event description that indicates the topic, who is speaking, and how it will help the viewer
  • Include information regarding bonuses for attending, a replay, or if there will be a live Q&A
  • Add a video trailer or document

Once you’ve created the event page, you can promote it on your feed, through direct messages, or in groups. Keep posts short and easy to share, which can encourage people to also post it on their feeds.

You can also use the event page to engage attendees before and after the event. For instance, you can post polls or ask for questions prior to the event. After the event, you can ask for feedback, include a survey link, ask attendees to share their favorite takeaways, or add a follow-up poll.

7. Pin a tweet at the top of your profile

Pinning a webinar post at the top of your profile can increase the visibility of your webinar on X (a.k.a. Twitter). Because each time a person goes through your handle they first see your webinar post.

When using this strategy, you’ll want to select a post that will attract attention, such as including an image. You’ll also want people to be able to see what the topic is or how they can benefit from attending.

Be sure to include a link so people can learn more and register. And you’ll want to include a hashtag, either an existing popular hashtag or create your own.


With these tips and a little creativity and perseverance, you can get more people showing up to your webinars. 

And if you are looking for a one-stop platform to manage all of your marketing efforts – including webinar promotion, check out HighLevel. Sign up for a free 14-day trial here. 


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