7 AI and ChatGPT Sales Use Cases for Agencies

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When used effectively, harnessing the power of AI can be like going from riding a bicycle to driving a high-performance race car at full throttle for your agency’s sales efforts.  

AI tools are revolutionizing the way many agencies approach sales, from automating repetitive tasks to forecasting sales trends with uncanny accuracy. 

In this article, we’ll navigate through eight practical ways that agencies can leverage AI and ChatGPT to turbocharge their sales efforts.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to shift your sales approach into overdrive! 

7 ChatGPT and AI sales Use Cases 

Here are some real-life examples of how agency owners and employees can use AI and ChatGPT to improve the sales process. 

1. Create a sales chatbot to qualify prospects 

Getting and qualifying prospects can be very time-consuming. Fortunately, this process is getting more efficient for many HighLevel customers who are using AI Sales Assistant for GHL. In this example, one agency owner shared how he trained his “AI assistant” to respond according to his needs and direct prospects based on specific criteria.

Mike takes this a step further and uses his sales assistant bot to get prospects more engaged with his content. 

2. Improve sales capabilities decks  

In his Twitter post, Matt explains how ChatGPT is enabling his sales team to communicate more confidently and effectively with prospects. He gives an example of how ChatGPT helped his team improve the copy in their sales presentations. ChatGPT helps them make better presentations, highlight key value props, and close deals faster. 

3. Send personalized product and service recommendations

In her Linkedin post, Palak shares an example of how Flipkart is leveraging AI to provide personalized product recommendations. 

While this is an ecommerce example, agencies can still learn a lot from this.  They can leverage the same method to drive prospects to their courses, specific service offerings, and even coaching/consultation sessions. 

4. Find sales patterns and trends 

In this post, Reza explains how he used AI to find patterns and trends in sales data and make predictions about the likelihood of specific deals closing. He did all of this without having a background in data science.  

You can use this for deal routing and prioritization, specific messaging to use, and even help with future-proofing your business in an uncertain economic environment. 

5. Coach your account executives and SDRs on how to handle specific questions and objections 

Moritz shared a series of ChatGPT prompts that you can use to coach your sales reps. The prompts cover areas such as understanding different customer objections, how to tackle pricing conversations, building rapport quickly, improving active listening skills, and asking insightful questions during discovery calls.

6. Supercharge the productivity of your SDRs and BDRs 

The post discusses how you can build an automated go-to-market (GTM) motion using Airtable and ChatGPT that will automatically pull and enrich leads based on specific criteria. This means that you need fewer SDRs or BDRs, and the ones you hire can do more in less time.

You can even expand on this further by teaching your SDRs how to create AI-personalized photos for their outbound emails and direct messages.   

7. Improve your offer CTAs 

If you struggle with convincing prospects to take your desired next step, Derek shared some powerful prompts you can use to create more compelling offer CTAs in our Facebook group. For best results, you’ll want to tailor and refine the prompts for your specific industry and use case.

From qualifying prospects to optimizing your offer CTAs and coaching your sales reps, agencies that adopt AI in smart ways can turbocharge their sales efforts.  

These seven use cases are just the tip of the iceberg. As AI tech continues to evolve, so too will its applications and impacts on sales strategies and tactics.

In fact, at HighLevel, we’re constantly adding new AI capabilities to our product. Get started with a 14-day free trial here.  


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