5 Reasons The LevelUp Summit Is THE Can’t-Miss Event of 2022

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Hey, this is Shaun comin at you from HighLevel. The FIRST-EVER Level Up Summit is happening this October, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

It’s going to be awesome…

And, really, it’s not about High Level.

It’s about you. 

The Level Up Summit is an opportunity to learn from the best, while networking with people who want to be the best. You’ll hear from top-tier talent in the marketing world.

Even better, you’ll spend quality time with peers, make new connections, and absorb new growth strategies – the parties, VIP events, and light-up foosball will certainly put a bow on it.

But if that’s not cool enough, there are 5 more reasons 🖐 why the Level Up Summit is a party you can’t afford to miss.

#1: First-Rate, First-Hand Knowledge 📚

There’s no better way to get the most out of your marketing efforts than learning from the masters, and The Level Up Summit is bringing together the best in the industry.

Keynote sessions, roundtables, panel discussions, breakout meetings – the whole nine.

You’ll hear them speak; you’ll hear about the battles they’ve overcome on the road to success; you’ll have access to their knowledge, their expertise, and their best strategies – the ones they’re using right now to kick serious butt.

But you – get this – will personally get to pick their brain:

Meet them, talk to them, ask them anything you want (except what they ate for breakfast – that’s a touchy subject).

Who ARE they?

  • Steve Sims (The man who created Bluefish, the internationally famous company that makes once-in-a-lifetime events happen for the rich and famous)
  • Julie Chenell (A digital marketing expert and coach, currently making her mark on the internet as the co-founder of several popular online business brands such as Create Your Laptop Life®, Funnel Gorgeous®, Digital Insiders®, and more.)
  • Peng Joon (The world’s leading authority in wealth creation online)
  • & Billy Gene Shaw (One of the top online marketing educators and practitioners in the world and an official software partner of HighLevel)
  • The legendary Frank Kern! If you haven’t heard of Frank, he’s the creator of Behavioral Dynamic Response and Intent-Based Branding, both of which have become the foundation upon which many marketing gurus have built their empires. Frank is also an up-and-coming SaaSPRENEUR 👩🏻‍🚀

And at least a handful of other marketing masters!

#2: 10X RON – That’s “Return On Networking” 🤝

The pandemic really sucked. 

And though we love hanging out on Zoom, we’re ecstatic that we get to do this event in person.

Marketers, marketers, marketers – a sea of entrepreneurs more passionate about digital than anything else.

SaaS Mode initiated 🦾

Everyone (exceptions may occur in the VIP sections) – everyone is eager to learn and ready to network

You’ll make meaningful connections, build lasting relationships, and you might even go home with a new best friend – certainly a few new business cards.

Oh and let’s not forget our Exhibitor’s Hall that’s gonna be filled with marketing fanatics like yourself. HL Pro Tools, Dope Marketing, Fusemate.i.o, TheFutures.i.o are just some of the premium names that you will see there.

This is your chance to shake hands and rub elbows with tons of awesome marketers doing awesome marketing and perhaps add another arsenal to your agency!

#3: James Bond Meets Dancing Robot 🤖

Drink in hand and ready to mingle?

Despite what the critics might say, SaaSPreneurs know how to throw down.

On Monday night – a massive VIP welcome event party. 

Between myself, Robin, Varun, a few more HighLevelers, and 600 other mavericks (that’s you), the folks looking after the rooftop of the Statler Hilton Dallas won’t know what hit them.

Tuesday night – it’s Casino Royale and table games (competitive ping-pong, anyone?).

On Wednesday night, we’re bringing out the music and the mascots:

Dancing robots & [insert name of DJ as DJ…]

On Thursday, well, we’ll probably be complaining about our flights home.

#4: Exclusive 2023 Roadmap Reveal 🛣

This is probably what I’m most excited about:

Insider access to our 2023 roadmap – you’ll see exactly what’s coming down the pipeline for next year, and some of the stuff we’re working on is going to literally blow minds.

There’s no such thing as competition when you know the secrets – you’ll have already had plenty of time to digest what’s coming, plan for it, and build strategies around it that you can action right away, while everyone else is still asking themselves:

“What does this new feature do?”

#5: It’s The Little Things 🏆

And, of course, something we don’t get to do enough as marketers:

Celebrate our wins.

It’s always one project to the next, bogged down by the day-to-day, trading hours for profit.

Oh, wait – that’s not what SaaSPreneurs do…that’s the other guy!

Cue the HighLevel Award Ceremony.

We’re going to celebrate how far we’ve come as a company; we’re going to celebrate how far we’ve come as individuals; and, most importantly, we’re going to celebrate how far we’ve come as a community to revolutionize how marketers do business.


So, if all that sounds good…

If hanging out with like-minded folks for a few days, strategizing with the best in the industry, and participating in a general stir of commotion at the Statler in Dallas, TX, sounds like a good time…

Then I can’t wait to meet you in October at the first ever Level Up Summit! 👏 🙌

Get your tickets here 👉 https://levelup.gohighlevel.com/

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