5 Reasons HighLevel is the SaaS Startup to Keep an Eye On

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In a world where SaaS startups are as numerous as the stars in the sky, one company in particular reigns supreme. 

Okay, okay, this intro may be a bit heavy on the cinematic effects, however, it does raise a good question. What makes HighLevel different than the rest? We’re so glad you asked. Here are five reasons HighLevel is the SaaS startup you need to keep an eye on! 

1. Exponential Growth

Founded in the peak years of SaaS popularity, HighLevel was born into a saturated market where the odds of burning out are high. Instead of caving under the weight of competition, however, this startup has continually displayed impressive growth and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. 

As mentioned in VentureBeat’s “10 Recently-Funded Tech Startups to Watch in 2023,” HighLevel’s “product went up 88%, with an 88% growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR).” In addition, the employment rates are surging, and a $60 million investment from Peak Equity has boosted the company’s capabilities even further. With radical interest being gauged from all directions, and growth continuing at a substantial rate, HighLevel is the SaaS startup to keep an eye on. 

2. Endless Features

As stated by Forbes, “The days of being a one-trick SaaS product pony are over.” In order to be competitive in a highly-saturated SaaS market, it is essential to provide a variety of products and features, as well as to continually improve them. Doing so not only ensures customer satisfaction but also increases stickiness. In fact, the customer retention rate when providing four products is nearly 80% in comparison to only 30% when selling just one, according to a study by Vendasta

HighLevel understands the importance of providing multitudes of solutions in order to retain and maintain satisfaction within our skyrocketing customer base. This is exactly why our platform is so robust (and yet, still so easy to navigate!). Whether you are in need of an expedited website, sales funnel, or landing page creation, or you want to efficiently incorporate surveys, forms, or appointment scheduling capabilities, HighLevel is here to help. 

In addition, the platform streamlines the entire customer communication process, allowing for connection across multiple device types and channels, such as calls, texts, emails, social media messages, and more! These features don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what HighLevel already offers, and there are new updates being added at a rapid pace. 

3. Ever-Evolving 

Not only does HighLevel offer countless features already, but the company and our offerings are continually evolving. In a market that changes as quickly as technology does, it is crucial for companies to be adaptable, and this capability is evident with HighLevel. In addition to being proactive in finding ways to improve the product, increase scalability, and decrease churn, HighLevel welcomes (even encourages!) feedback directly from customers. 

We recognize that the best way to keep customers happy is to hear them out. By establishing and engaging with our community in multiple ways, we have created a direct line of communication from the mouths of our customers to our ears, allowing them to express their deepest, darkest desires with us (as long as they are SaaS-related!). We don’t just say we’re listening, either. We strive to take our customers’ wishes and make them a reality, which contributes to our ever-evolving company, product, and features. 

4. Stellar Support 

We’ve all been on the wrong end of a bad support experience before. Whether it involved navigating a tricky hierarchy to determine who could actually help you with your problem or the customer service itself left a sour taste in your mouth, your mind was likely left changed about the product or company in question. It may have even altered your opinion enough to switch to a competitor instead, a common result according to an American Express study that cites “33% of customers would consider switching companies immediately after poor service.” 

Having a dedicated, efficient, and pleasant customer support team is essential to the success of any company. When providing customers with the support they are seeking, not only are they left satisfied, but 69% say they are also likely to spend more and 53% share the good experience with others, as mentioned in this study

HighLevel takes these statistics to heart and, as a result, has developed a revolutionary approach to customer support. With a team that is located around the globe and available 24/7 on a variety of platforms, you never have to wait long for a solution. Whether you prefer reaching out via email, phone, or chat, there are options that fit your wants and needs. In fact, there’s even a live Zoom room with support professionals ready and waiting to assist you! Ensuring customer satisfaction is a priority for HighLevel, and this is exemplified by the entire support process. 

5. Uncapped Potential 

Last, but certainly not least, on the list of reasons HighLevel is the SaaS startup to keep an eye on is the uncapped potential it offers. With the ability for customers to manage unlimited accounts, users, and contacts, as well as the availability of a white-labeled product platform, it is easy to see how HighLevel was created for scalability and success. Currently boasting a vast portfolio of over 20,000 customers, in turn providing support to over half a million businesses, many agencies and marketers are already taking advantage of our offerings. Will you be next? 

Say Yes to SaaS Success with HighLevel

Have you made it this far and realized you want to do more than just keep an eye on HighLevel? Join in the fun and experience your own SaaS success! Read more, watch a demo, and get started with your own trial here. Have further questions? Reach out to our stellar support team to get them answered! We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.

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