10K In Monthly Recurring Revenue! (Tips & Encouragement From Fernando Camacho)

Chase Buckner | Director of Product Marketing at HighLevel

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(The following was first posted in HighLevel’s Official Community Facebook Group)

I hit a big milestone for me and my agency: $10K monthly recurring! I’ve really enjoyed when others have posted their successes and the tips that got them there so I thought I would share my own.

For reference, I do Facebook and Instagram advertising as well as website design for dog daycare businesses.

  1. You’ve heard it before but niching down to serve one single business type was key. This enabled me to go deep, really figure out how to get success for them, and make a process that was easily transferable to other clients. This made it very easy to add more clients without too much-added work – I can just do the same process for each client.
  2. Pick a niche you know well. Having been a dog trainer for 14 years and a consultant for dog daycares in the past, I know the target audience, I know their struggles and I know what they need. Knowing the market well eliminated a lot of trial and error AND it is an industry I enjoy serving.
  3. Be patient. Historically, not my strong point but when I decided to go all-in on my agency I was focused on taking my time, doing it right, and seeing this through. It’s easy to see all the success posts in FB groups and get discouraged if it’s has happened to you yet. I kept reminding myself that If I keep working, I’ll get there eventually and there is no rush.
  4. For me, I had to be patient because I decided to play the long game. I’m not a fan of cold outreach at all. I don’t like when people do it to me and I don’t like playing that kind of numbers game. So I decided to go the slow, long way to get clients – create content and value. I created my own FB group for the industry and showed up consistently giving free info. I did live training in the group for over a year before I began to market to them. I also started a weekly podcast giving as much value as I could to my audience. There are now 1,700 dog daycare owners in the FB group and I’m just about to hit 10,000 downloads of the podcast. Now, I don’t have to do cold outreach. I have a very warm audience that contacts me to find out how I can help them. This means, they are already pre-sold, they don’t no show me for my sales calls and give me a really nice close rate.
  5. Speak at industry conferences. I’ve only done this once for my agency but have been speaking at dog daycare conferences for years about other topics. When I spoke the last time I was able to get quite a few new clients from it. Nothing builds relationships better than getting face-to-face.

I’m sure I’m doing so much wrong and have a lot to learn but I’m still patient as I look to scale my business to my next milestone: $20K/month RR.

Thank you all for your encouragement, and help. I really do appreciate it all.

A special thanks to the HighLevel team for providing an amazing platform that makes it all possible, and to Dar Holdsworth who although I didn’t end up selling SaaS, has been such a big help in getting me here as well as giving me the encouragement to push myself.

For those, still working hard to get your thing off the ground, have a plan, be patient, and don’t you dare give up.

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